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Empower Your Connection to Food With Earlier Lighter Dinners

If there’s one thing you need to know about improving your wellbeing, it’s that tomorrow starts today. That’s the magic of the first habit of Body Thrive. Tune in to this episode to learn how eating an earlier, lighter dinner can help you feel more deep satisfaction, not just in your digestive process, but in your life in general.   What you’ll get out of tuning in: How our main meal shifted from midday to evening and why we need to revert. The effects of an earlier, lighter dinner. How to start...

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How easy can you make your Earlier Lighter Dinner?

On today’s podcast I talk with Alex Biondo, our director of Sales and Admissions at Yogahealer about the first habit in Body Thrive: eating an earlier, lighter dinner. We rap about why this habit is so challenging for so many people and how we can make it less challenging and more doable.  Some of the most common reasons people want to adopt this habit are to lose weight, to sleep deeply, to have more energy tomorrow and wake up feeling great! And guess what?! This is all within reach and...

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How Much Sleep do I Need (for Healing?)

I’m often surprised at how much lack of awareness there is on how much sleep the body needs. If you’ve been in sleep deprivation mode for awhile, and your body breaks down - your immune system breaks down, or your mental or emotional body breaks down - and you’re wondering how long it is going to take to reset your system, to get to a place that’s better than you’ve ever been before and is sustaining, this is the podcast for you. I’m really excited about these little incubators for the...

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Identity evolution + the #1 Ayurveda Daily Habit, Earlier Lighter Dinner

I am currently running a series to help the tribe, you all, my fellow collaborators, on how to help engage with the habits of Ayurveda that help us align our life, that sink us into a deeper rhythm, that allow us to experience the ease of a life aligned. The #1 habit in Body Thrive is earlier, lighter dinner. Today’s episode is on identity evolution and this #1 Ayurvedic habit that helps set us up for the next day. Want to learn how to add this habit to your life? I've teamed...

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