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Woman are Water, part 1

Women are Water The big realization that upleved my family’s bliss in the past year was that I set the rhythm. I set the rhythm whether I’m conscious of it or not. I imagine most of you are saying, “yea. Duh.”But I’m wonder if you, like me, forget to actually own the implications.For those in my prenatal/postpartum online course, you’ve been ingrained with my matrika “mother as the midline”.  My sense is it also works as “woman as the midline”.In tantric language, perhaps we might see shakti dancing in the center that keeps drawing shiva’s attention to circle around her.The many residual shadows in our subconscious from the remnants of patriarchy may lead us to believe it’s the other way around.  About a year ago, in a fit of not knowing what to do next (a.k.a. surrender), I cultivated a new depth of my own center and let the chips fall where they may.What that looked like in reality is that I stopped cooking for my family. How un-Ayurveda of me, oh my! (Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t let my 2-year old starve). I decided to listen to what my body needed for optimization. I would consciously do this before I asked others about their needs and wants.Revolutionary, I know. It became my 10 x daily practice.. moving against female conditioning.Why is this crucial?  Why me before you?The most fundamental explanation lies in the energy field. Let me break it down:
  • Woman’s bodies have more water element (kapha, moon energy).
  • Men’s bodies have more pitta (fire, sun energy).
  • Water is receptive and morphic (changes to take the shape of the container it's in). Water also gets polluted very easily. In Ayurvedic terms, water element is chemical energy. (Fire has radiant energy, air has kinetic and electrical, earth has magnetic).
  • Fire element is radiant, or moving outward from center, and therefore less sensitive to other’s bodies. (Of course this sensitivity is developed by our lovely consciousness practices)
When a woman puts other’s needs before her own she invites outside energy into her field before her field is protected, grounded or balanced. Doh. If she forgets to clear, nourish and protect her receptive energy body nobody wins in the long run.And I keep hearing this from different experts. Bridget Brennan,bestselling author of Why She Buys, encapsulates corporate strategy into this sentence: “The lesson is this – when you make women happy, you make everyone happy.”How do we make women (ourselves) happy? We start by owning our water body. When women know how to keep their watery bodies uncongested, unpolluted and grounded, guess what? Not only is the woman happy. Everyone is happy. She glows. Everyone notices and attunes.
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Yogidetox Q & A

We are very excited here, over at Yogahealer headquarters about the Yogidetox. I've received so many questions like:can I still go to that bash that's been on the calendar for months? what will this be like if I'm a beginner? what will this be like if I'm an experienced vegan yoga teacher? What is a family cleanse all about? Do I have to do enemas? (No! - but you'll probably get curious). What is a living foods Ayurveda cleanse? Do I have to quit coffee?My friends at Jill's List, who are jumping in with both feet,...

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Kids Cleanse too!

Let's get real about what the consequences of not having our kids cleanse:mucus - which leads to colds and nose picking. Gross. poor eye sight (better eye sight comes from omega 3 precursors in leafy greens) allergies (from clogged up lymph systems due to excessive processed foods (like homogenized milk) and grains (like wheat) bad attitude (from acidic ash in the blood). Our natural state as humans is inspired. acne, weight gain, and other social unpleasantries.In the past, many of us have cleansed as individuals. And for many, this created a distancing between the...

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Sparkle on the inside

We eat out of habit or routine. Around the holidays often we create celebrate abundance by over providing food. I've designed a simple conversation for designing your inner body holiday experience, so that your innate sparkle shines through. Simply ask yourself, and those with whom you share meals with the following:How do you want to feel in a week? What foods will help you feel that way?Any dishes in particular that you’re attracted to in this season, given the above?What do you want...

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Intelligent, Dumb and Dead.

Greetings Tribe.I’m just getting back from a glorious week with John Friend in Santa Fe. I thank the intelligent universe for teachers who transmit the intelligent universe that lives through us. You are heading into the cornucopia of harvest...

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