Intelligent, Dumb and Dead.

Intelligent, Dumb and Dead.

Greetings Tribe.

I’m just getting back from a glorious week with John Friend in Santa Fe. I thank the intelligent universe for teachers who transmit the intelligent universe that lives through us.


You are heading into the cornucopia of harvest… the grand finale of the annual cycle. The major feasts are on the radar. Abundance is peaking in Nature. Our human hearts reflect this edible abundance with gratitude and the desire to give and share. Funny how our society is staring to remember what this season instrinically inspires as part of the “new economy.” So, I thought we could chat about food this month.


“I categorize food into three: 1) intelligent, 2) dumb and 3) dead.”  Vaidya Mishra


I love Vaidya Mishra. For those unfamiliar, he is a brilliant Vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) and stands out for me because he is also hip (not a common characteristic among the vaidya's I've met).  Vaidya goes on, “…intelligent food is full of prana; dumb food has less of it; and dead food is completed depleted of its prana stock, it is devoid of the necessary life-force.”

 Okay, so nothing new there, but let’s take stock.


Review what you’ve eaten and purchased to eat for this week.

  • What % is alive?
  • What % is dumb?
  • What % is dead?

Now, look back. In general looking at your eating habits a year ago:

  • What % was alive?
  • What % is dumb?
  • What % is dead?

Is the tissue of your body evolving?
p.s. if you just read this exercise – you won’t get smarter. Take 60 seconds. Reflect. Write down. Continue.

If you’re eating and absorbing more alive foods now than a year ago you should be able to feel the added bounty of prana (life blood of consciousness) in your tissue. This pranic stock offers the potential for a larger stock of tejas (radiance of consciousness) and a larger stock of ojas (cohesive strength of consciousness). What if we endeavor to increase our collective pranic capacity THROUGH (not after) THE HOLIDAY SEASON? Go where no post-industrial-era-westerner has gone before….


Here is the plan: we turn around our collective holy days experience. We reconnect with the winter darkness, the intuition, and the season of inward rest after the winter crops have been harvested and evolve the rituals for our children’s generation.  We uplevel the holidays with seasonal living foods. We update our traditions. We explore sacred fasts and darkness intuiton practices. Are you in?

I’m creating the structure for the online holy days course, but I need your input for content. And we need a name. Please Take my Survey! (the best namer gets the course free!)


Oh, and one realy cool feature of the course is when you join/invest, you join/invest for your whole extended family. My inclination is the that together we’ll have a better shot at impacting culture. I figure it's a journey we need to do together (alone is less fun). We could start a movement inside ourselves and our families for our communities and our planet.


For those who have been hanging out in my courses (ALC, Yogi Detox) lately you know my burning question. If 


Ayurveda knows food needs to be pranically (new adjective) intact… then why isn't Ayurveda at the forefront of the Living Foods (a.k.a. RAW) movement?

Well, I'm helping push it in that direction. The Ayurvedic Living Course meets with Dr. Shantree Kacera this week (noon MST) – THE leading guy on Ayurveda & Raw foods. I'll give you a snippet of this conversation next week. (Let me know if you want to be live with us, and aren't in the ALC, and I'll get you in).

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