Top 3 Ways to Build Ojas

Top 3 Ways to Build Ojas

(In Ayurveda, Ojas is our protection – our immunity from disease and from the penetration of negative vibrations. Ojas  is the

connecting factor, gelling consciousness (the divine energy of prana and the divine light of tejas) into the organism into a connective network informed by Divine intelligence. Ojas is formed by digesting consciousness via foods and experiences back into the essence of consciousness (the Absolute).

1. Build Ojas Physically:

  • Eat Seasonally. If we eat what is offered by nature seasonally and withoutsecuredownload (1) much processing, our ojas will tend to be strong. We will then naturally crave that which is attuned to our constitution (Prakruti).
  • Move your breath through your body for 20 minutes upon arising. Air out the channels so that ojas can create a subtle cohesion of connection.
  • Cleanse or Detox in the Fall and Spring. Ama (undigested foods and experiences stored and blocking the light of consciousness) is digested during a juice fast or kitchari cleanse. When Ama is less, ojas is more.
  • Eat 2-3 meals a day, (4 if emaciated). No snacking.  Allowing proper time for complete digestion enables ojas to be formed. Eating too frequently creates ama.
  • Sip hot water throughout the day. Sipping hot water (1-1.5 qts) every half hour will also clear your channels of ama and refresh the space. Ojas needs space in order to connect and congeal the unified gel of consciousness into the physical body
  • Use nutritive herbs such as ashwagandha or chavanprash after a cleanse, in the change of seasons, or when you’re fighting something.

2.      Build Ojas in the Mind Body.

  • Meditate Daily. Allowing time and space for the digestion of mental impressions clears the confusion and mental ama in the mano maya kosha (mind body). Allow time and space to fully re-juice from Source, the Absolute, or Awareness. Meditation on the Absolute synchronizes and vibrates your ojas, which attunes your cells into an integrated organism, and an organism integrated into the Whole.
  • Self-massage with warm oil (sesame, sunflower, or almond) before showering creates an oily field of connectivity between your mind, your hands and your skin. The skin sense organ is reined by Vata dosha, which travels easily through the mind channels and nervous system. Oil massaging your skin soothes and nurtures your nerves, which enables the feeling sensation of ojas to spread throughout you.

3.     Build Ojas of Spirit.

  • Create space for family fun and down time. The feeling of shared joy, laughter and relaxed bliss of the company of loved ones boosts ojas. Make time each day for a dose. Absorb the love of your family and friends, sinking into the moments of connection and feel into the love in your shared space. (All work no play makes Jack a dull boy…. and an immune-deficient boy as well.)
  • Throughout your day anchor yourself in the back body. Rest back on the divine support that fuels your passion. Move, act, and speak as a reflection of a deep connection to the Divine.

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