The Metabolic Efficiency of Radiant Longevity

The Metabolic Efficiency of Radiant Longevity

Does agni ruling your roots? Answer the 5 questions below.

Awhile back before I got distracted with juicing thistle and rose hips, breaking glass ceilings, with poop holes and p!e holes I was writing to you about physiological efficiencies. 

Let’s pick up on that conversation. 

The theme? Invest your attention in the increasing efficiencies of your body. 

The more I self-study (svadyaya) my body the more attuned I become to the efficiencies. Efficiency of action, efficiencies of thought, efficiencies of digestion, efficiencies of meditation or spiritual-mental-physical alignment, efficiencies of yoga. There is a conversation out there about increasing your metabolism. Have you heard of it? 

Check out the covers of modern health zones. 

Boost Your Metabolism. 

The idea that you should be able to digest what you want, the matter over matter, or mind over matter. 

This is so wrong on so many levels. 

You want to cooperate with your body. Your body is your fundamental ally. You don’t want to manipulate. You don’t want to control, to dominate. 

Start by cooperating with your digestive fire – what the yogis call Agni.

Agni is da bomb. 

Agni rules your roots. 

When you don’t notice your agni – you’re more apt to eat something that doesn’t digest, that you can’t metabolize. You’re more likely then to suffer the bloat, the gas, the constipation, or the burn, the loose stool, or the snot, the heaviness, the congestion.

Our bodies have patterns when we don’t cooperate with our metabolism.

Our body, your body, is designed to become more subtle, more efficient as you age. You’re designed to get wiser, to cooperate more completely, more elegantly, in a more both simple and sophisticated manner with each cycle you have around the sun. And, even with each dawning of a new day. 

Radiance emerges with very little effort when we invest our attention in the efficiency of our agni. The reason I’m pro intermittent fasting on a 24 hour basis is the time for deeper digestion is protected.

If we eat too frequently – if we insert tasty morsels into our oral orifice in the beginning and the end of the day – if we don’t spend 8 hours of our waking time with an empty belly and we’re over 40 years old… we’re missing the boat on our emerging radiance.


You’re more likely to make yourself less efficient on all levels. When you exhaust your body by trying to process food too frequently, too much, or of too poor in quality – you diminish your power. You diminish your focus. You dumb down your radiance. 

So, let's investigate what is going on with you and your metabolism. Are you aligning your next year in tune with the metabolic efficiency of radiant longevity? I have a few questions that will help you find out.

To cooperate with your metabolism (agni) let's look to the 5 elements (mahabhutas).

Notice what is happening with your 5 elements. 

Answer these 5 questions. 

  • Are you giving your gut enough space (ether element) to do the work of churning? 
  • Are you giving your gut enough time (air element) to mix, to absorb, to select, to reject? 
  • Was your belly fire hot enough to begin with (fire element)? 
  • Is there enough moisture from your tongue to your anus (water element)? 
  • Is what you're eating of pure enough nutrition (earth element)?

If so, you are a rock star of your metabolic efficiency for radiant longevity.You are experiencing focus and ease. You are strong and lean and light and grounded. You will age with the wisdom of the universe in your solar plexus. You will lead others. 

If not, you are experiencing inefficiencies. You are diverting energy from who you want to be. You will age plagued by this and that. You suffer a lack of mental focus … compared to your potential. Your 7 tissues don't have the tensile integrity they are designed to carry you into your next decade. Doh.

Tune your agni. Heal your metabolism. 

Make your life easier, and more joy-full from the insight out. 

And as a side benefit -you will exude your own power and radiance. The stakes are high. As you age, you want to be with people who are attuned, aligned. For they are the inspired, easeful, graceful and holistically powerful ones. 

This is why I lead the Yogidetox. It can be so easy to heal. To attune. To nourish. To nurture. To align. To get yourself on track with who you want to be next.

p.s. The Yogidetox is a global program. The Northern Hemisphere will be rejuvenating into winter. The Southern hemisphere will be aligning into summer. All are welcome, and trained to their seasonal shift. 

When you sign up you'll be guided to make it work with your own schedule, your own level, your own desires . 

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