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The Update + How to Do Hard Things

The Update + How to Do Hard Things

Why You Must Actively Strengthen Your Mind

I was chatting with my cousin about the Challenge. He wants to put attention on his body after years of, shall we say, excelling at being a corporate superstar – COO of large banks – and not giving his body as much attention as bodies deserve. (Most of us can relate to that.)

So, rather than take action the challenge, which is hard, which is challenging, meaning which is not easy, he told his wife about it. And she put her name on the list, and she influenced three friends to join her.

You can eavesdrop on our conversation. You may learn about how I think about hard things… and why I’m able to do harder things – in mind or body –  with consistent regularity. It might inspire you.

(If you want to find out more about the challenge, click here.)

Andy: FYI – Amy has three friends joining her. Will be interesting to see how they enjoy the experience.

Cate: Interesting!

Andy: I think the cold shower had Amy a little scared.  Lol.

Cate: r u doing the Challenge with us?

Andy: ummm   hmmmm   I was going to let Amy try it out first.  I’m a wimp, I admit it
I know – I suck
maybe you can do a course called “Fasting for wimps”
or “fasting for sympathetic husbands”

Cate: yoga is a training of the mind.
you have a strong mind.
What is the resistance?

Andy: bad habits

Cate: habits are plastic. you need to look at strengthening your mind. the fastest way to strengthen the mind is the breath
your bad habits therefore are bad habits with your breath.
this is a very simple sophisticated understanding that is the core of yoga. change your breath – change your mind – change your mind by changing your breath. the breath carries intelligence which literally inspires the body to crave more inspiration. which isn’t figurative. it’s physiological.

Andy: ok

Cate: so… start with the breath app – wim hof – do 1 round laying down or sitting. then rest for a few minutes… that’s it.
I think this thread would make an interesting blog post.

Andy: why do you think that would be a good public post?

Cate: it’s honest. and real. and exactly what most people are thinking… the mind and yoga and cold showers

Andy: I trust in Cate – if you think it is interesting – although I was mostly trying to be funny – go ahead

Cate: good. you keep trying to be funny, and we’ll make blog posts as something randomly evolves out of our slack chat. that will work great.
b/c we’re both the avatar for the company. i’m the mom,  yoga student, wellness pro, entrepreneur…
you’re the guy who is pivoting after playing the corporate game.

Andy: true


In conclusion, there is no way around doing hard things. You need to act. The gateway drug to hard things is discovering the power of your breath.

In the Challenge we’re doing hard things… but making them easy enough to be actionable. And our (# of Challenger) are psyched. They are feeling great. They are on track for 2021.

If you want to join us  – get your pass here.


P.s. Here is the link to check it out. I promise this isn’t a weight loss challenge. Our community often needs more rejuvenation and rewilding than restrictions on food. This is about discovering and developing your body wisdom, your intuition, and your vision for the next chapter of your life. And it’s all levels.

So the Challengers are doing a 20/4 today. That means a twenty hour fast, with a four hour feed window. This is common language in the world of intermittent fasting.

The Challenge within a Challenge: Cate needs to test a 5 Day Ayurvedic version of the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD). Cate is inviting select Ayurvedic modern nerdy celebrities like Kate O’Donnell, Amadea Morningstar, and Talya Lutker to collaborate on the menu and recipes. This is innovation in action – a combining of autophagy, cell regeneration, and wholesome Ayurvedic nourishment for times of fasting. During the 5 Day FMD the Challengers within the IF Challenge will be restricting their caloric intake to 500-750 calories (depending on the day) in order to shift their metabolism into a fast mimicking state to experience the surreal benefits of fasting. And you get to eat something! The 5 Day FMD Challenge within the Challenge will happen January 11-15.

Well, that is where The Challenge gets interesting. We’ll pick up a boatload of new challengers, who decided to not join us until after the holydaze. I mean the holidays.

Jan. 1 through January 21 is where we start the new year right.

Start Here

Groggy is no way to do your 2021. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that groggy is dangerous.

So, in January in The Challenge – you’ll step up your understanding of your Metabolic Type (Ayurveda/ Dosha/Prakriti). You’ll overlay intermittent fasting for your metabolic type. You’ll breakthrough to new levels of clarity. Clarity is the opposite of the Grog.

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