Yoga Health Coaches on Stage

Yoga Health Coaches on Stage

Listen to this 1 hour video with Cate and a handful of the Yoga Health Coaches…. with Marc Holzman, Tamsin Astor-Jack, and Natasha Krochina You will learn:

  • How Cate developed Yoga Health Coaching Certification
  • How Marc found deeper connection with his students
  • How Tammy went from less-than-fulfilled yoga mom with a pHd to having a solid career path with Yoga Health Coaching
  • Natasha's growing pains and breakthroughs as a Yoga Health Coach

Do you want to become a Yoga Health Coach?
If so, Your Next Step:

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Cate Stillman
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Welcome to We’re all about vibrant health evolution, both personal + planetary. Let’s step deeper into dharma and an awake life together. Start with your Yoga Lifestyle Upgrade Kit + Upgrade your body, your dharma + your life.

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