Who is on your speed dial?

Who is on your speed dial?

 A few years ago I decided to intentionally plug in who I wanted on the speed dial of my iPhone.
Until that point, the people on my speed dial were the people I called the most.
In an “aha moment” I realized I could empower myself by creating an inner circle of peeps who could support who I was becoming simply by adding them to my speed dial.
Brilliant basic breakthrough – I know.
Perhaps you figured this out long before me. Or perhaps you let your past dictate your future and the peeps on your speed dial support who you were more than who you are becoming. If so – take a minute to update your speed dial to get some evolutionary traction.
Today I share with you one of my speed dial contacts. Her name is Denise Ackert.

I speed dial Denise when I suck as a parent.

Denise teaches me (and others like me) how to become a better parent. Her quiver includes eons of mindfulness training, NVC and Love + Logic training. She is also one of the best bodyworkers I’ve experienced… and a true yogini.
This podcast isn’t just for those with kids… really. This episode is for anyone who wants to experience more connectivity. And you can replay it anytime you suck as a parent, or a friend, or a partner, or a kid.
And without further ado…. my dear friend and colleague… Denise Ackert on the podcast.
I met Denise Ackert twelve years ago as part of a healing collective in Jackson Hole, WY. Denise is a gem of gems, especially for parents who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness. On days when I feel unskillful in how I’m navigating my life, my marriage, or my mothering…. I call Denise. She is on my speed dial.
I realize that some of us don’t have a Denise on our speed dial. Which is why we created this particular audio. This podcast is packed with reminders and instructions for you to skillfully navigate your family evolution.


  Mindful Parenting in Action

*  How do we handle when our kids are edgy, or misbehaving?

• Turning yourself around….. before connecting with your kid

• How to make evolutionary agreements at home

• Are we too busy for mindfulness?

• The importance of modeling


 Developing the capacity to handle difficulty

•Normalizing your children’s experience

•Developing practices with your children

•May i be healthy and strong happy and safe and at peace.”•Fear around deeper connection

Creating an environment in our family for whatever is arising to be OK.

Listen to the podcast. 

Cate Stillman
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