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Whats your dosha darling

Whats your dosha darling

I’m often asked, “what’s my constitution?

We condensed all of the online quizzes into our favorites. Take a few and see what you come up with. You’re learning which energies are the dominant building in you. The energies inform your tissue formation, physical tendencies, your metabolism, your mental patterns, and your emotional tendencies.

Before you dive in, here is what to keep in mind in your findings:

Interpreting your constitution

You have all 3 energies:

  • vata: the energy of movement
  • pitta: the energy of heat/transformation
  • kapha: the energy of nourishment

Your constitution reflects your metabolism.

  • vata: irregular metabolism
  • pitta: hot/fast metabolism
  • kapha: slow, steady metabolism

Keep this in mind when you are analyzing your results:

  • Most people are dual-doshic. Nature creates strength and diversity through combining opposite energies.
  • Many people have a different mind vs. body constitution. For example: vata body, pitta mind/emotions. Kapha body, vata mind/emotions.
  • You are unique. Understanding constitution is incredibly helpful in enhancing your experience in your body and mind. However, don’t get frustrated if you get mixed results from the quizzes. We’re not trying to put you in a box. However, when you know your constitution you can design your lifestyle and diet in sync with your metabolisms. You will begin to notice which tendencies pull you out of balance. You will notice how to use opposite energies to experience vibrant health. Knowing which energies dominate your mind/emotions and which dominate your body will give you an inner lens to your energetic self.

Our favorite “What’s my constitution” quizzes….

Here are our top picks in order of which ones we like best. Answer the questions the way an objective observer would see you or analyze your health history. Otherwise, you may answer through an emotional lens.

  • Here is the best one page print worksheet. Straight from the guru, Dr. Vasant Lad at

Our favorite online site quizzes:

  • Pukka Herbs : Discover Your Dosha Type: Questions are written in a more contemporary readable style (although it is British so don’t let the slang throw you). Breaks the quiz down into three parts-body, mind, digestion. Great quiz but little information about your dosha once you complete it.
  • Dosha Quiz : A very short quiz that gives you your basic nature. This follows with another short quiz that tells you how you are currently out of balance with tips to bring your mind and body back into balance.
  • What’s Your Dosha? : Good general quiz. Has a series of questions with a choice of response. Results link to more information about your dosha. Downside is you have to give them your email address in order to complete the quiz.
  • My Well Spring Health – Dosha Test : A basic, straightforward quiz. Easy to complete especially if you one that’s short sweet and to the point.
  • Life Spa – Body Type Quiz : A one page checklist that divides questions into four profiles-mental, behavioral, emotional, and physical.