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Start where you are, now. 

Integrity – including Immune integrity  – is a skill, an inside job, every person must master for themselves. 

Build your hunger. 
Cultivate your microbiome.
Cultivate your mind. 
Cultivate better relationships to cultivate culture.
Organize your body through breath orchestrating movement.
Champion your progress.
Progress with small actions (kaizen).
Perfectionism obstructs better habits. 

Habits are automated skills.

Taking action is a skill, not a lucky disposition.
Choose habits that develop resilience and adaptability. 
Train your body and mind to crave better every day.
Develop stronger nerves by pushing your edge, grounded by breath.
Feast smarter with nutrient density and phytonutrient diversity.
Seek out people with smarter bodies. 

Avoid pessimism. 

Explore the root cause of your challenges.
Focus on your natural ability, nature’s ability, to heal. 
Get better at your body.
Believe in you… your immune integrity depends on it.
Better habits lead to better health, no matter how bad your habits or how bad your condition.

Avoid wallowing. 

The healing journey builds depth of character.

People who have become their own healers would never trade the pain of their journey for the lessons learned. 

Pay attention to people with smarter body wisdom.

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