Yogahealer’s Top 5 Ayurveda for Summer Podcast Episodes

Yogahealer’s Top 5 Ayurveda for Summer Podcast Episodes

Ayurveda has life-changing basic self-care tools to enable you to thrive during summer. Learn how to avoid allergies, eye issues, overheating, the summer bloat, and summer burnout. Learn the not-so-obvious basics for a cool as a cucumber summer with Yogahealer's top 5 Ayurveda for summer podcast episodes.

1. How to Handle your Kids Summer Break with Health and Ease with Kirstin Pinit

Jessica Graham Robinson and Kirstin Pinit rap about how to keep you and your family healthy and happy this summer. Summers can be tough; the days stay lighter later, the kids are out of school, and they don’t have a consistent schedule, which in turn can wreak havoc on the parent’s schedules. It’s important to realize that you, as parents, have the power to decide what you want summer to look like for you and your family. Perhaps the summer routine looks completely different from the school year routine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, healthy, satisfying, and nourishing all the same.

2. Skin Protection For Safe Summer Sun With Sam Norman

Sam Norman shares some of her wisdom on the hot summer sun, sun exposure, and skin protection. We talk about Sam’s backgrounds in both Ayurveda and nursing and what they say about safe sun exposure and how to stay healthy this summer season. We naturally absorb vitamin D from sunlight and there are huge benefits of this vitamin, such as preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder, decreasing fatigue, and increasing our immune system. However, too much of this vitamin has it downsides as well.

3. Ayurveda, Summer + Living Into Your Potential Seasonal Alignment With Kate O’Donnell

What do two normal “vaidyas” talk about during the summer? Join me in a conversation with Kate O’Donnell and get a glimpse into our conversation as two pals hanging out. We talk about Ayurveda, summer, and the shift to how a Yogic path brings us closer into the Sattvic experience of deeper alignment, clarity, and peace. Learn some summertime tips about staying and feeling light in the hottest months of the year and some light, bright recipes you can make with plants from your local ecosystem.

4. Eating Food For Summer + Boosting Digestion With Dr. John Douillard

In this episode, I chat with John Douillard, one of my favourite Ayurvedic dudes out there — he’s amazing! He’s super down to Earth, he’s raised six children, and he’s been a chiropractor and Ayurvedic Practitioner for decades. Dr. Douillard makes it a point to nail down the science behind things, so tune in if you want to get an earful on the inner workings and different processes that drive our biology.

We touch base on a multitude of different topics, such as ketogenesis, the paleo diet — to eat wheat? Or not to eat wheat?— and fermented foods.

5. Conscious Daydreaming Is How You Connect To Your Future With Summer McStravick

Are you action-oriented, or more of a daydreamer? In today’s show, Summer McStravick unpacks the art of conscious daydreaming, which she calls Flowdreaming, to tap into a deeper trust and flow with the universe that created us.

We explore why it’s far more productive to let go of the conscious, problem-solving mind. In Flowdreaming, the payoff for the practice of conscious daydreaming is the lived, embodied experience of aligning the future to the present. That may sound “out-there.” In actuality, it’s refreshingly efficient, fun, and easeful.

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