12 Simple Tips to Build Your Immune System

12 Simple Tips to Build Your Immune System

Tis’ the season for temperatures to fluctuate and for your immune system to be attacked by unwanted invaders. Have you noticed that sniffles and congestion seem to disrupt our lives when the days get colder? It is the windy fall and the wet winter season that seem to slam our immune system the most. This time of year- known as the season of kapha– is the perfect time to step up your Ayurvedic daily habit practices.

On any given day we are being attacked by pollutants, pathogens, and bacteria, and our immune system is working non-stop to protect us. But sometimes when we don’t pay attention we run ourselves down and our intelligent cells become overworked. The foreign invaders take charge and we fall sick. During kapha season we are particularly vulnerable because our digestive fire starts to fluctuate dramatically. The solution? By adjusting our diet and daily routine we can stay healthy and avoid the cold and flu season.

The Nature of Your Immune System

Our immune system is essential for our survival. It represents the capacity of an individual to defend their health against physical, emotional, and environmental challenges. This vast network of cells and tissues is constantly on the lookout for invaders, and once an enemy is spotted, a complex attack is mounted.

The key to building a healthy immune system is to practice daily habits that help us build Ojas – the sap of essential life energy. This requires balance and harmony amongst all three doshas. Having a strong digestive fire and a calm and settled mind are key for cultivating and nourishing your Ojas and in turn your immune system. Here are my top 12 simple tips for building your immune system.

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12 Tips on How to Build Your Ojas and Strengthen Your Immune System

  1. Get plenty of rest and extra sleep during winter.
  2. Manage stress. Avoid over scheduling, overdoing and becoming over emotional. Surround yourself with beauty. Be joyful.
  3. Give gratitude. Use your own practice or try one from a Ayurvedic guide
  4. Drink plain warm water to help flush out toxins.
  5. Open your lymphatic channels with exercise. Do yoga or swim, walk, dance, or do jumping jacks.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe. Keep your energy flowing with pranayama breath practices.
  7. Meditate and connect to the greater source. Balance your nervous system.
  8. Diffuse essential oils or use steam inhalation. Elimi, Rosemary, Oregano, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree are all helpful.
  9. Care for your sense organs. Rinse your sinuses and oil your nostrils, scrape your tongue, and dry brush your skin.
  10. Eat immune building foods. Try brightly colored fruits and vegetables, good old grandma's chicken soup, or broth. Cultured Ghee, manuka honey & colloidal silver can all can be used to prevent and fight infections due to their antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties.
  11. Avoid certain foods that are hard on the immune system. Steer clear of heavy foods such as meat and dairy products, as well as oily and cold foods, and sugar.
  12. Spice up your food with ginger, turmeric, cayenne, black pepper, hingwastak.

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Strengthen Your Immune System Year After Year

When we practice good self-care day-in and day-out we gradually build the capacity of our immune system. Each winter we learn to care for ourselves a little more skillfully. Each spring we are less likely to develop the flu or come down with another cold. What is the state of your immune health right now? Which of these tips can you use right now? Which ones will your start practicing next fall? Let me know- comment below. And share YOUR best tips for staying healthy this winter and spring.

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