Ayurvedic Group Facial Experiment Passes

Ayurvedic Group Facial Experiment Passes

As promised, I’m sharing pics from the facial experiment at the June Yogahealer retreat. We had 30 peeps under a big cottonwood near the raging mighty Teton creek.

I first did a group facial in my yurt with 6 peeps. I set up stations and around we went. I asked Batool Merali, who has been a mentor in Living Ayurveda and a Yoga Health Coach, among a ton of other certifications.

Batool is from India living in Rapid City and Miami. She has been my biggest cheerleader through all the commotion of starting up Yoga Health Coaching and writing/publishing Body Thrive.

Below you see her receiving Sandiya RAyurvedic-Group1



Sandiya, who is an Ayurvedic educator for CCA, one of my alma maters, was running her own experiment with her own. She is in Yogahealer Business Course and recently bottled a lovely and complex spritz and oil combo.

Next we all spread out our super groovy Manduka towels under the cottonwood. We split into receivers and givers. Alexandra (Germany) and Batool (Indian-American) led us deep into a peaceful trance-like experience using marmas, food-based goos and their love for the experiment and our little community.

Legendary support for a lifetime of practice with a Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

The results were multi-level. It was like a group savasana on steroids. Relaxing while giving conscious sweet touch to each other was a true archetypal pattern reawakening.This ancient ritual of human caring for human and then switching roles immediately has been going on for like the memorable part of eternity. We just finally tapped into together via facials. Now that we’re onto something I expect group facials to spread like wildfire ‘round the globe. (Common people now, smile on each other, everyone get together and do a group facial right now.)
The deep rest and rejuve experience was visible on our faces and in our eyes even during the process. Below is Dawn Lane, who I met in Iowa on my last year touring USA yoga studios teaching yoga peeps about Ayurveda.

If I’d had Body Thrive as a program and book then she would have taken that. Instead, she launched into Living Ayurveda, and later became a Yoga Health Coach. She is one of the first 20 certified coaches, Coach of the Month for March, and leading my next Body Thrive group starting at the end of this month.

Dawn invited me to guide her through a rough patch in her life. During our first workshop and consultation a few short years ago, she confided in me her deep imbalances. I sensed a ton of energy and untapped power. Now, just 3 years later she is an emanation of relaxed, powerful joy from living her life on dharma in community.

It gives me such pleasure to see Dawn soak it all in below

(And a special mention to Onzie for supplying 30 unique headbands in our swag bags. They sure came in handy.)
What trips me out is how the Yoga Health Coaches get healthier from being in our community. Yoga Health Coaching is designed for the giver to give great ayurveda/yoga based health coaching for dramatic results. The boon I never counted on was how vibrant the Yoga Health Coaches become as a result of their training together.

Like I alluded to earlier – in the past I was more driven by the compulsion to create than a true vision of what Yoga Health Coaching and the Yoga Health Coaches will become.

(That came out extraordinarily corny and sounds like sort of voodoo corporate motivational speak. Weird.)

But it’s true. I’m in CEO training. We’re developing ladders and meshes for new people to come into the Yoga Health Coaching training and quickly assimilate into our collective.

We’re building leaders, globally, as community-nurturing ayurvedic habit experts. We’re receiving applications here if you’re interested. Find out more in the What is Yoga Health Coaching Webinar.



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