Brag: My Student Council Award

Brag: My Student Council Award

I was looking at old photo albums last night, as my final surge in tidying up memorabilia in preparation to sell my house. I saw my life in review. I rekindled a few key relationships, at least in my mind. I found an award I forgot. Indy is into family trophies, medals and ribbons – so I grabbed it for her collection. It was the 1989-1990 Dover Sherborn High School Student Council Award for Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to the School Community. Yup – that is how the plaque reads.

Of course I had no idea at the time that such a student council award existed. A few weeks ago I wrote to you that I never meant to start a podcast.  In the same way, I had no idea that Yoga Health Coaching would come to exist.. I also never meant to start an organization for us.

(Yes, I did mean to have a baby, wisecracker.)

Looking back, it’s cool that I was able to channel my pitta acumen to the global community of wellness experts and expert wanna-bes. When I started training Yoga Health Coaches I had no idea the peeps that would show up.


This is Elise to the left and Shinay to the right.

She is a Yoga Health Coach in San Francisco. At this retreat in early June she told me she used to DJ in the city. She is that cool. She teaches intuition. And she’s a-freaking-mazing.

Elise came in wanting to turn her intuitive teachings into an online course. She started in Yogahealer Business Course (YBC) which is where peeps design, deliver and monetize their unique curriculum.

A ways into YBC Elise asked if she could jump ship into Yoga Health Coaching. She wanted the grounding of the community of coaches. She wanted the grounding of the Ayurvedic habit part of the curriculum.

Here is Shinay on my right, along with Grace and Candice. Shinay came in a part-time yoga teacher wanting to learn how to run her career. She wanted to transition to full-time wellness expert in her community. She knew how to raise her hand, take a risk and apply effort.

Now, she is Certified and mentoring a current group of Yoga Health Coaches. I hear back from her mentees now in YHC about her skill and care. I’m thrilled.

To her left is Grace.

Grace is maybe one of the top 10 funniest friends I have. She came into Yogidetox last year and then into Body Thrive. She dropped about 30 pounds last year. She joined my admissions team in December, and started her training as a Yoga Health Coach last January. She generates community like nobody’s business, so I take sit back and take notes.


I’m not sure I had expectations of Yoga Health Coaching before it came to be. I was sure of the curriculum. I beta-tested it in 2012 with a handful of Living Ayurveda junkies. I then doubled the curriculum with professional development.  Then YHC was born.

Now, we’re nearing 130 global members in training or certified. I never anticipated the feeling of being able to be exactly who I am, in all the complexity and honesty, with such a brilliant, heartful, sharp group of peeps. I never imagined how their lives would uplevel the more I knew them and coached.

Our next mission is to land regionally, globally. I have very little how it will happen, but I know it will, it is. The beauty is that now we’re growing together. It’s not lonely for me, anymore.

I didn’t realize how lonely it actually was, running my courses by myself. Now, we have a leadership team. We’re developing Head Coaches in all programs, as well as mentors, and assistants.

I’m keen on community and efficacy with my members. I’ve found we need vertical and horizontal infrastructure to support members and leaders through rapid, deep transformation. Knowing I have the Yoga Health Coaches behind me, ahead of me and working with me… it’s a whole new ball game.

We’re building something good, globally. Our results as coaches are outstanding. I had no idea the method would be so effective in helping people quickly and deeply sit into themselves. (Sitting in yourself is the definition of health in Ayurveda. Svastha. Move into your body, mind, spirit, and it’s game on..

Ok. So, like a proud co-creator,
I wanted you to check out what we’re like. Info on the YHC training is here

I’ll be sharing more photos from the retreat…
including our outdoor group facial experiment in a couple days.



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