Yogahealer’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes of All Time

Yogahealer’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes of All Time

We at the Yogahealer Real Life Show strive to give you the best Ayurveda content there is. From deep and profound conversations  in our podcast with world renowned health and wellness practitioners to recipes, tips and tricks. We've come a long way folks! And we'd like to thank everyone who followed and supported us through the years.

This week we bring you our top 10 episodes of all time!

Top# 1: Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary on Ama, Pharmaceuticals, and Practicing Ayurveda Today

114What do these symptoms have in common: fatigue, wandering joint pain, heaviness, indigestion, congestion, confusion? What do these diseases have in common: late-onset diabetes, elevated blood sugar, kidney stones, glaucoma, tumors, candida?


All of the above, and of oh so many more symptoms and diseases have ama in common. Ama is un-metabolized waste that clogs the body. It’s so much worse than worthless waste because it blocks the flow of consciousness. It gets in the way of everything else (all functional body/mind processes) happening with ease. It makes a mess.

In this podcast episode you’ll learn the ins and outs of ama. I interview Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, author of The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight.

Listen to the full episode here. 


Top #2:  Kathryn Budig on Aiming True in Your Life 

Kathryn Budig on Aiming True in Your Life

This podcast episode will help you tap into the next phase of aiming true to your potential. When we’re a little off, or a lot off, we feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and disempowered. Yet, the process of stepping further on the path is hard. Hard as in not easy. Unchartered waters are unknown. The unknown is scary. Many of those you love and support may not be as stoked when you forge into new territory. You change from the experience, you stake your claim. Your peeps often don’t get it. For all of these reasons, most of us stay a little stuck, a little dissatisfied, a little less awake.

Not so with Kathryn Budig. She is releasing a book, Aim True, which is all about getting past the fear and stepping into what drives your heart.

On this episode you’ll also hear from Yoga Health Coach, Shelly Aaron, founder of Rejuve Club in West Seattle, about how stepping deeper into dharma for herself and her yoga clients changed her life and theirs. Listen in and inspiration will set your next best direction into motion.

Listen to the full Episode here.


Top # 3: Women, Ayurveda + the Vata, Pitta, Kapha of How We Evolve

Women, Ayurveda + the Vata, Pitta, Kapha of How We EvolveThis  podcast episode is devoted to what is happening in this evolutionary wellness space we hold together. First you’ll hear from Jackie Prete, in how she is evolving professionally. She’ll also tell you about how fast and effectively her yoga students are stepping into thrive.

After, you’ll hear from Dr. Claudia Welch on how it’s not stress that is sucking our life force. It’s the context in which we’re living our lives. We also dive into how YOU get inspired to evolve, to thrive, to step into wholeness. Vatas, Pittas, and Kaphas each have specific needs and pathways into wellness evolution.

Listen to the full episode here. 


Top # 4: Jason Crandell: The Yoga of Teaching Yoga

Jason Crandell interview on teaching yoga
In this podcast, meet Jason Crandell in a more personalized setting than you may have already met him in Yoga Journal on on Yogaglo. Our conversation steers to his take on how we teaches critical thinking in his yoga teachers training. We dive into the how yoga should evolve your thinking, especially as a teacher, and the critical skills necessary to evolve your own teachings, rather giving regurgitate your teacher’s teachings.

Listen to the full of episode here. 


Top # 5: Ayurveda and the Holiday Season

098Listen to this podcast episode as I talk you through the basic practice of Kitchen Sadhana, and then interview John Immel, founder of the Joyful Belly. He takes us on a tour through hunger, cravings and through the vegetable aisles. This conversation turns you in towards yourself as you celebrate the season of darkness. Celebrate a more nourishing relationship with your peeps and your body.

Listen to the full episode here.


Top # 6 Interview: Why Yogis Snort Oil With Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta58

Find out about why yogis snort oil.. and what is hidden in your sinus cavities in this jam-packed free one hour interview with the designer of designer nasya oils, Dr Mary Jo Cravatta. Learn how to open your sinuses passages to unlock stuck patterns in your mental and emotional body.

Listen to the full episode here.


Top # 7: Yoga-Talk for Athletes, Raw Ayurvedic Dessert Recipe, and Using Improv to Weaken an Addiction

This episode features an interview Sage Rountree who has written a series of books of Yoga for runners and athletes. She synergizes yoga philosophy with exercise physiology. We talk about building strength, endurance, mobility and recovering into your workouts… and the importance of becoming unpatterned.

Listen to the full episode here.


Top # 8 The Yoga Student's Path of Practice in 2016 with Christina Sell 

101An Interview with Christina Sells for those new to the practice – how to learn. And for those teaching new students – how to teach.

Listen to the full episode here. 


Top # 9 Detox for Hormone Balance with Bridgit Danner

Podcast Detox for Hormone Balance with Bridgit Danner
Bridgit Danner talks about her low of the lows. Postpartum hormonal imbalance. New marriage, new baby, new business. Dark places. IBS. Leaky Gut. Adrenal Issues. Pink eye. How did Bridgit turn it around and how she help other women pulse back to thriving?

Listen to the full episode here.


Top # 10 Detoxes and diets…Get beyond the label and into the evolution

Detoxes and diets…Get beyond the label and into the evolution
In this episode we have body wisdom galore on the topic of detox and diets, as well as toxins and chemicals. What you need to know and what you need to avoid. You’ll also receive a dose of inspiration to step into leadership around your thrive.

Listen to the full episode here. 




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