Build your habits around who you want to become

Build your habits around who you want to become

Build your habits around who you want to become

Our habits are who we are. Now many of you listen to the dharma workshop and you miss the free dharma workshop . We talked about building a habit around stepping into who we want to become. Stepping into dharma is a habit. How do you start to build new habits around who you want to become? Your identity can only evolve if your habits evolve.

If you don’t align the habit of who you want to become into your day-to-day then you will meet roadblocks. You'll backslide. You'll lose hope as you hit the massive face of resistance to change that always exists. You'll be unable to step into who you really want to become. You'll remain more or less who you are already are comfortable with being.

What's the problem with that? The problem is that you're stuck.

Hope, the Edge of Reconfiguration + the Backward Pullbodythrive-logo

Stuck sucks. As evolution moves directionally forward it expands. Our evolution causes us to expand. Even the potential of that releases the expansive emotion of hope. We want more for ourselves. We want to be that which we have not yet become. I know for me personally that on this path of dharma and habits around my dharma that happens is you get to a point where the habits actually starts to shift you. Your biochemistry shifts. Your mental pathways realign. You reconfigure. Then, there is the backward pull of who you used to be.

If we don't have support around our new emerging self, if we don't redefine our relationships to support who we are becoming, or hang with people who are growing too, we're doomed to the backward pull.

Once our habits are evolving us in alignment with who we want to become we need support and reinforcement from others who get it, who are growing, and hopefully even others who have evolved habits. Otherwise, it's 10 x harder.

There is a point when you've stabilized the habits of who you want to become into your daily life. The habits create momentum and support within you. You have a built-in stabilization around your next evolution of identity. Nice work.

Take in this concept. If I don't have the habits of the person I want to become then I can't become that person. Go ahead right now and reflect: do you have the habit of the person you want to become? Sit with that for a moment, if you don’t have those habits it’s not going to happen. Right? It’s not going to happen. So, what habits do you need to develop to become the person you want to become?

Reconfigure Your Body HabitsBody Thrive Group - Yoga Health Coaching

Let’s look at this in terms of how in terms of your body and day-to-day body habits. Do you have the day-to-day body habits of the person that you desire to become? Dive deep into how you want to feel, how you want to look, what you want to crave, how you want to sleep. For example, if your mind is all over the place and you're having a hard time concentrating or getting things done, ask yourself, what habits would an organized, clear-headed person have?

Do you have those habits? Chances are, no. Otherwise you'd be experiencing the reality of the effects of the habits that engender clarity of mind. You'd go to bed on time, you'd have the habits of meditating everyday, of having this great silence space to be in. You would have the habits around nurturing your body with the right amount of the right food at the right time each day, taken in an atmosphere where you can receive. And while it might not be executed with perfection, it would be close enough, embedded enough if your day-to-day to get the desired results.

Get support to become the person with the habits needed to be that person. Apply for our next Body Thrive Group. We make change happen in real time.


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