Exposé On What Motivates Me

Exposé On What Motivates Me

I'm not a holy person.

I was talking with Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur a few days ago on the phone. (We met when I interviewed her for the Ayurveda Summit last fall.) Shunya, I said. I'm not a holy person. I'm a merchant. I bring the market to the holy person and the holy person to the market.

She said, No, Cate. You're a warrior. And a holy person. And a merchant.
I respond, maybe so… but I'm drawn to the marketplace.

The battlefield is alright… but the marketplace? I get it.

What motivates us?
The holy?
The battle?
The market?

What motivates me to nurture and co-create with this tribe? At times I wonder. We have now built this organization, with two emerging leadership teams. One team leads the business. The other team leads the community. I never would have guessed that I'm motivated to lead an organization. Who knew.

What also motivates me is that course members and team members tell me, literally, everyday, how their lives are beyond their wildest dreams. The common denominator is that they are in a live with me, in a course + in the community. I'm motivated on our success stories.

Your results motivate me to see what we can co-create… what is on our growing edge as a global posse.

Lastly, I'm motivated by the experience I'm having.

It's a honor and a BLAST creating courses with you, dear tribe-list, since 2001.

I'm fascinated that 15 years after starting an email newsletter conversation on the modern synergy of Ayurveda + yoga + life; and 10 years after kicking off the premier Living Ayurveda Course (formerly Ayurvedic Living Course) we're co-creating the Awake Living Course.

Let's just say, it wasn't my idea.

The reason Awake Living wasn't my idea is…
What is motivating me to create a new course, a new curriculum? Awake Living is the first new course here since 2013. Which is like 4eva ago in online education land.

In 2015, the Living Ayurveda members + the Yoga Health Coaching Mastermind members wanted life skills managing their space, their time, their dharma, and their ability to keep it all together. That is what is kicking off the Awake Living Course in a nutshell.

Years earlier, in 2012, a group of Living Ayurveda members kicked off co-creating Yoga Health Coaching Certification. Now we have 116 Yoga Health Coaches (some Certified; many in training) around the globe. Buyah.

Living Ayurveda Course is going strong, 10 years later. Yesterday we had a juicy lesson: Ayurveda on the mat. Our dialogue was critically complex and simultaneously simple, based on our past 9 months of learning a experiential approach to a first year Ayurvedic practitioner curriculum. Their yoga, in the deepest sense of the word, has catapulted since submerging in the think-tank of the 9 month Living Ayurveda curriculum. The spanda of their embodied wisdom pulsating from body to spirit, from spirit to body.

It's all amazingly a lot – this ecosystem of courses that has arisen around us.
(On a side note, I'm not sure if I told you this, but I wanted to ditch the Yogidetox in 2012. I was over it after guiding the process for over a solid decade. But, the tribe would have none of it. I presensed it's next reinvention and I'm more devoted to that course than ever.)

The Awake Living Vision, Motivation and Experience:
Back to Awake Living…

I began to see that I was using specific tools to optimize the five elements of my life: Space, time, dharma, ease, and body. (I teach the body part in Body Thrive.)
There was an entire skill set I wanted to teach to amplify what was happening in Yoga Health Coaching and Living Ayurveda Course.

I was using super practical tools I picked up outside of yoga and Ayurveda to live in the teachings of body and spirit from Ayurveda and yoga. The 5 element paradigm: space, time, dharma, ease, and body is so inherent in us humans, with five fingers and toes. We're wired for 5's. Ether, air, fire, water, earth. Hearing, feeling, sight, taste, smell. Bliss, intuition, mind/emotions, energy, body.


Synergy amplifies.
Through using specific tools, particularly with my space, my time, and my dharma, and automating the Body Thrive habits, I was experiencing a level of integration and ease I wanted the tribe to experience.

I particularly saw how to apply Ayurveda in a very modern, very practical way to amplify and integrate teachings to accelerate the path of awake living. We are more capable as human beings than ever before.

Awake Living in a Nutshell

Here is what will happen for the 50 people who go through Awake Living with me, starting at the end of June. If you are one of the 50, you will:

Refine your space (ether): maintain a high vibrational living and working space. Refine your time (air): Optimize your efficiency and ease navigating our day-to-day. Align time to hit your dharma targets. Clarify *this phase* of your dharma (fire). Become one-pointed (ekagrata) with your focus (tejas) and your action. Refine your actions to hit your targets. Uplevel your ease (water). Expand your peace, your flow, your calm. Flow can only uplevel when the top three (space, time, dharma) uplevel or the body (earth), experiences better automated habits. When flow is missing we just need to see what is blocking it or drying it up. Uplevel you through aligning and amplifying with synergy in the 5 elements of your life.

Awake Living is the next phase of living in alignment.

To recap, I'm motivated to create and guide this tribe with the best of my embodied wisdom and current skill set. The skills I find essential to my and our thrive, I will teach, guide, and co-create within courses. The next emanation is Awake Living. I'm teaching and guiding 50 people through these skills starting June 21.

My offer for a your Free Awake Living Coaching Session with my coaching team is time-sensitive.

It's the only way into the course. If you would like to have one of my coaches coach you – at no charge -you need to act fast because we're only offering this for a few more days.

In your Awake Living Coaching session you and your coach will:
1. Get clear on where your five elements of life are aligned, and where your growing edges are.
2. Identify the areas where you are not living in alignment with your higher self
3. You will receive specific steps you can take to take action in alignment with creating your next breakthrough into a life more aligned, more easeful, and more impactful.
4. Determine if you are eligible for the Awake Living Course.

My offer for a free coaching session ends at the end of May. Spaces limited. Sign up now if you're ready to live your life more awake.
Living your life more awake, more aligned, more on point is a dream come true.

In closing, Shunya, of course, is right.

I can see how my merchant-warrior-holy person dharma enables us to connect, and me to build a container for those of us wanting to uplevel to be able to raise their hand and jump on in.

I'm appreciative to co-create this ecosystem of courses with you. It's a blast.



Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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