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“The Simple Kitchen – 1 hr. Workshop with Cate”

Dr. Fife delves into detoxing, oil pulling, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. (73 minutes).

Lucus Rockwood interviews Cate Stillman about the basics of Ayurveda & Constitutions, and Cate’s unique approach (54 minutes).

John Friend
30 minutes with John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga on the winter cycle and celebrating inner light!

Cate and Matt Sloane ( rap about business skills for Ayurvedic Practitioners – how to attract your target market to you!

Jaisri Lambert and Cate talk about how changing our cultural conditioning (diet, lifetstyle, daily living) happens best in a group support context that is based in Ayurvedic education..

Monica B and Cate chat about being ayurvedic entrepreneurs and the need for great artistry in engaging culture in Ayurveda during the tech and social media revolution.

Integral Ayurveda.

Jacob Griscom introduces Ayurvedic Practitioners and clients to the Integral Model for an evolutionary perspective of shifting health and culture.

Michele Rose interviews Cate about taking a holistic medicine practice online.

Melanie Sachs Dive into the Medicine of the People with Melanie Sachs, author of one of my favorite books: Ayurvedic Beauty Care. Learn an easy marma therapy technique, how to cure a cut with turmeric and an overview of what basic Ayurvedic skills offer families.

Yogis who shift with Ayurveda. Cate Stillman stirs up the conversation with Anusara Certified and Inspired teachers : Sarah Hutchinson, & Laurie Greenberg. This conversation delves into complementary medicine and reclaiming family awareness.

Anusara Yoga

Universal Principles of Anusara Yoga.
Jamie Allison (certified Anusara teacher and founder of the Ananda Tandava Yoga Retreat center in Southern Colorado) speaks with Cate on the Universal Principles of Anusara Yoga – how philosophy and movement collide in the practice of yoga to evolve our embodied expression of the divine.

Path of a Yoga Student. Zhenja LaRosa details the path of the yoga from intrigued student, through the Immersion and Teacher Training Process, and into teacher Mentoring.

Beyond the Metaphysical with Anusara Yoga teacher and rockstar: Tara Judell

Family Health
Fertility International expert Buffy Trupp and Cate get into the rite of passage of grieving an un-conceived baby (ie. what could have been), and the potentiality of conception as the transformative journey. http://www.intlfertility.com

Pregnancy: Sue Elkind and Cate discuss the challenges and opportunities of being professional yogis raising families, as well as the invitation of raising consciousness through pregnancy and prenatal yoga.

Postpartum: Ayurvedic Postpartum Guru, Ysha Oakes joins Cate for story-telling in the realm of childbearing, motherhood and evolving our potential.

Own it Sister Radio Interviews Cate about women as mothers in the potential of consciously developing awareness perspectives to enhance our abilities as caretakers of our families.

Cate and Amy Beven, blogger of stir up a conversation on consequences of mothers not knowing self-care practices and the art of shifting mothers into that deeper knowing of caring for themselves to nurture their family and society.