How to Make a Better Living for Yoga Teachers and Healers

How to Make a Better Living for Yoga Teachers and Healers

Dear Yoga teachers, Healers & Holistic Wellness Providers,

I've been talking with many of you on the phone the past 2 months and know that many of you are struggling to live the life you want due to money issues. Read to the end and I have a bonus for you. For example, Ginny, who is an absolutely fabulous teacher in a medium sized town fears the competition from an expanding “hot yoga” studio across town. Her classes haven't grown with her teaching skills and she needs them to grow to thrive. People that come to Ginny's class love her teaching… but it doesn't translate into them bringing their friends. Ginny is afraid to invest any more in her yoga career – and she can't return to her old job, without losing a  major investment in her yoga career. Another client from my coaching program, Martina, is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor. Her clients come from the 3 yoga classes she teaches… but most of them don't invest in long term packages with her… which is what they need for her to be able to help them meet their wellness goals. She really wants to succeed in her career… but all of her training isn't turning into dollars. And, she's frustrated as she made great money in her last career, and doesn't want her training and time investment to end up as an endless community service project. She feels that would be OK if she had a trust fund. But, in reality, she lives in a major city and has to pay the rent and would like to go with her old friends from corporate and still keep up her 401k. But that isn't happening for Martina. I hear these stories and relate. 10 years ago I was living in San Francisco and pinning flyers on yoga studio and natural grocery boards. I taught poorly attended workshops. I found out I LOVE TEACHING!  I took more and more yoga, ayurveda, and meditation trainings. Yet, frustratingly, my class sizes stayed the same. I had a hard time getting regular clients to invest and commit to long term work with me.  Winston and I moved back to Idaho. In 2001, my  husband and I each scraped together $4000 to buy a house no one else would… locally known as the unibomber shack. It earned it's name aptly for it's ambience: a tar-paper shack that lacked siding, unbroken windows, and flooring. Really.

I was resigned to the life of  yoga teacher and healer being one of scrapping it together and just getting by.

But, my dad would say to me, “You need to leverage your time.” I knew he was right. I figured there were other skills in the “running a yoga or healing business” I also lacked. I had no idea what those skills were… or where they were taught. I went to the local SBA meetings. Nothing changed – they were all struggling too.

10 years later, I make a lot of money as a yoga teacher or healer.

My girlfriends from college who became lawyers or have MBA's have told me their are inspired by my income and investments. They are also inspired by my freedom lifestyle. And they are curious at how all this can occur while:


Sounds too good to be true.

Did I just figure that out one day? And  *poof*, started making more money?

No. Of course not. That is like saying one day you woke up and   *poof*,– you could do rajakapotasana 4. I seriously doubt you weren't practicing all of the pidgeon variations and backbends long along before that *poof* occurred.  *Poof* doesn't just happen. My income doesn't keep going up year after year due to  *poof*. Every year I invest even more heavily in time and money in my business skills. Every week, I set aside time to work on my business. I'm offering this FREE COACHING CALL on How to Make a Better Living.  Join the party. When we all start making a better living, we'll do a coaching retreat near my condo in Mexico. Let's get serious about making you a better living…. let the fun begin.



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Cate Stillman
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  • Suzanne McCahill Perrine
    Posted at 19:51h, 19 October

    Hello-Wow, I just received this email sometime today and see the call is already full for Thursday. Any chance you'll do it again? Thanks!

  • Suzanne McCahill Perrine
    Posted at 19:53h, 19 October


    Wow, I just received this email sometime today and see the call is already full for this coming Thursday’s “How to Make a Better Living “. Any chance you’ll do it again? Thanks!

    The Center
    Harrisonburg, VA

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 14:04h, 05 November

    It’s in the blog posts – just scroll back through october 2012 and you’ll find it!

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