Invasive Superweed Smoothie Contest

Invasive Superweed Smoothie Contest

superweed smoothie contest

I’m back in Idaho sitting at my counter sipping my fresh invasive superweed smoothie. This morning as I added the cucumber, pineapple, and apple mint  to take the edge off the thistle I reflected on how I used to get allergies in spring.

Just a quick reminder if you have allergies – the best medication is in the invasive weeds, like thistle and dandelion, that grow outside your door. Your outer ecosystem will detox and attune your inner ecosystem and all will be right in your world.

Yogahealer Wild Invasive Peeps – the community needs your help! We need your recipes!

Let’s have a superweed smoothie contest!

Send your favorite recipe to me at [email protected]. I’ll pick my favorites and make a Superweed Smoothie Tip Sheet for everyone so we can have an allergy-free and ecosystem-friendly tribe. The winner gets the Allergy Relief Class + a free ticket to the October Yogidetox $200 value).

Superweed Smoothie Recipe Contest Rules

  1. Email me your original recipe to cate (at) yogahealer (d0t) com by May 15
  2. Recipes must contain at least one edible invasive weed.
  3. If selected, I get permission to use your recipe in the Superweed Smoothie Tip Sheet

All recipes selected for the upcoming Superweed Smoothie Tip Sheet will be rewarded with Allergy Relief Class free ticket. The contest winner also gets access to the October 2015 Yogidetox. Woot.

Let’s drink what you got!


Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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