[Rapid City] What Went Down

[Rapid City] What Went Down

Oh my, where to begin.

Our course member retreat in Rapid City went down last week.

About 30 course members and mentors gathered at Batool Merali’s green hotel  – The Rushmore – in downtown Rapid City. She even plastered my face to the billboard, right between rotating announcements of martini right and the presidential rock carving.

Check out the blank chart and the phallic drawing of spiral evolution behind me. Bam. And we are off and running.

Deep bow to Batool and Kareem for hosting us… (Neve (Nev-E-G)  in on the scene, as usual.)


The all of us… I miss you.

See the billboard? Super famous for a few days in Rapid.


Thanks YHC Brand Alliance Maven, Tracy Stonaker, for getting us the best swag bags ever. And i mean ever.  See the volunteer posse led by YHC Erica Travis on swag bag assembly.

Ok. Enough about me.
Don’t notice the pit stains. Notice my cool choker and armwarmers!

The stars finally aligned and YHC Mentor Suzanne Lynch made it to her first retreat. Here she is below with members of Path to Leadership Rachel Peters, Annie Barrett and Jackie Prete.


We had two in utero retreat members carried by YHC member Miria Lovlin and LAC assistant Kaitlyn Lacey.

Below is Miria patiently explaining something big to some retreaters.

Below, my favorite Montanian, Nancy Ruby is explaining something really important to us.

Heather Stoken, I mean Zotial (pronounced “So Chill”), and I are on the same page. (And notice how enrionmentally aware and hydrated we are at retreats. Go retreat posse.)

Look at my most fabulous artwork! I mean…. Look at our most fantastic YHC Jan Keller  and YHC Jessica Robinson!  Such a pleasure…

Ok, the photo below does not give the experience justice. In this gender unity dating game improv skit YHC Annie Barrett played a shy 17 year old skateboard world champ who just has a sex change from female to male, Kristen a middle aged overweight horny Southern burnout straight male who drives a Porsche, and the truly talented YHC Kelly Gardner a gay female truckdriver who transports dancing poles and knows where to get her nails done in every city across the USA. The pregnant Miria (not pictured) was selecting her future mate. My stomach muscles ached.

More photos coming in the next post about Mexico Retreat.

I know many of you couldn’t make it. This isn’t for salt in the wounds. We missed you… and hope you can make the next one happen.

It’s hard to describe what we do at retreats. The easiest way is that we have massive breakthroughs in our connectivity, in our glass ceilings, in our authentic wisdom.

If you want to check out the Mexico retreat, I have the info page ready for you.

>> Mexico Retreat

P.s. thank you, Batool Merali.

Cate Stillman
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