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What are you doing now to set up the New Year you want?

New Year season and Holiday parties. Late, heavy meals. Over indulging. Overbooked schedules. We all understand the busyness of the holidays and how so often we enter into the new year from a place of depletion rather than nourishment. What if this new year you were able to change the pattern?Now is the ideal time to tap into the true offerings of the season and shift your habits to reflect who you want to become with the support of a thriving community on the journey with you. Join Cate and...

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Resolve to be Useful

I've been noticing the conversation "out there" about resolutions. The tide seems to be shifted away from resolutions (argument: they don't work) and towards something else. The something else isn't well articulated. Here is my two cents:Humans are part of a cyclical planet. Cycles have pulsation. Resolve is part of the pulsation. If we don't take time out to reflect on what is working...

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Achieve your goals

As people on the path, we are very involved in our personal growth.We set intentions, goals, resolutions. We want to be better than we are currently.We live the paradox of being both whole and complete and with consciously engaging our evolving edges.We have the best intentions. Yet, we often fall short of our goal. Why? Most of…...

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