[Vision Quest] April 2018 Save the Date

[Vision Quest] April 2018 Save the Date

I had to write to tell you about the end of the October Yogidetox.

So, Winston and I had a weekend open up in front of us. We’ve obviously been deep in Yogidetox-land. (Winston has been with me since well before the first Yogidetox in 2002).

Indy was invited away for the weekend.

Seizing a unique opportunity to leverage the clairvoyance that comes with detoxing we packed the camper with the essentials for Winston’s vision quest and headed to the sand dunes with our fat bikes.


Most of us haven’t been trained in the art of self-reinvention.

I’ve been studying and practicing reinvention, identity evolution, bio-hacking and Ayurveda for quite awhile now. I witnessed my husband was ripe for a deep dive journey into a massive self-reinvention. A personal and professional overhaul.

We packed super nutrients. Native vision quests usually involved water fasting and not exercising.

I’ve observed that modern humans, like ourselves, are deeper de-nutrified and sit too much. We packed a gallon of green juice, soup, nut butters, tons of apple, some local meat, and 92% dark chocolate (Madacasse). We planned on sand biking 3-4 hours a day in the dunes – so we needed some good fuel for the fire. (Mountain biking burns roughly 700 calories/hour).

We used the ALSWOT annual planning method to presence his bigger strategic vision. I’ll be leading us through this in the April Yogidetox. It’s a fast way to the epicenter of dharma. You review what you’ve got in your back pocket and what is frustrating the heck out of you.

Through the process the key strategic issue behind the strategic vision is revealed. Ah, revelation.

But, not really. Now you just know what your quest is about. You have packed your suitcase and are ready for the trip, the journey, the unknown.

I noticed how we kept having to zoom out. Most people zoom in too quickly. They haven’t lost enough focus to gain the vision.

You need to let go of all focus to receive the vision.

You also need to lose any attachment to the vision being the right vision. Of course. You knew that. Still, it’s worth mentioning.

We ask a question, and we ride.

I wonder, if you choose to come, which strong place, which special spot, will you choose for  your next Vision Quest?

I wonder too if you’ll go by foot, by bicycle, by board, or what what if any tools of adventure, you’ll choose to do deeper into your natural world journey.

You can see the waves in the sand.

Riding over the sand dunes you want to go off the beaten path. Following tracks you lose traction. Going into the big wide open you go places. The metaphor wasn’t lost on us.

I’ll tell you more about the quest in the next post.

And I’ll be including a special Vision Quest component to the April Yogidetox. If you are curious – now is the time to reserve your spot.

Cate Stillman
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