Yoga Health Coaching

Yoga Health Coaching

Are you a yoga teacher?
Do you want to help your students with their diet and daily habits?

Let's face it, as a yoga teacher, you're a different breed. For starters you probably don't eat as much meat, wheat, and cheese as you used to. You probably don't drink as much wine, coffee, or pepsi as the average Jane on the street. You've been refining your body on the mat. And, you've been changing your diet and lifestyle off the mat to help your body thrive. As a yoga teacher who has gone through yoga teacher training you have limited ways of helping your students.

For example, Jen is a teacher in Kansas. She's a stellar teacher. Her students come to class feeling stressed out and leave with a grounded glow. She knows what her job is as a yoga teacher and she does it well. But over the years Jen has become a little frustrated with how the majority of her students are using yoga as a bandaid for the rest of their lives. Her students haven't been changing their diet and lifestyle choices off the mat. This leaves Jen between a rock and a hard place when it comes to how much she can help their health evolve on the mat.

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Jen got to thinking…. what if I could create a program for my students to help them shift their diet and daily habits in line with their yoga?

Jen studied a little Ayurveda and began talking about Ayurveda in her classes. A few students became interested, but most couldn't bridge the gap between where they were right now and some of the guidelines from Ayurveda. Plus, Ayurveda seemed just a little too Indian -culturally speaking. It was all too hard to relate to. Jen wondered if she should study nutrition or get another degree. Then Jen heard about Yoga Health Coaching.

What is a Yoga Health Coach?

A Yoga Health Coach is trained and practiced in the daily habits and eating principles of Ayurveda. As a Yoga Health Coach you coach your yoga students through the challenges of changing habits for better health and longevity.

A Yoga Health Coach is a yoga teacher who becomes a holistic wellness provider for his/her students and clients. You accelerate your student’s journey into vibrant wellness through supporting their yoga practice with 9 daily habits of longevity from Ayurveda. In coaching your students you become a magnet for your students wellness journey and differentiate your skills as a yoga teacher.

As yoga teachers, we notice how what we put in our body affects our practice. We notice what depletion feels like in our muscles, our gut, our brain. In your yoga teacher training your teachers may have hinted, or outright taught you some of the lifestyle habits that co-arose with yoga from Ayurveda. Simple things like going to bed early and waking early to practice. If you’ve adopted those habits and noticed how they make all the difference in your day, you’ll want to help your students adopt those habits.

I used to hold my knowledge of Ayurveda and daily habits apart from my teachings of yoga. I segregated them neatly in my practice. But the problem was I noticed I could only help my yoga students so much in the typical yoga classroom.

I noticed my yoga students daily habits were working against their yoga goals and aspirations. And I noticed that many didn’t have the know-how or the support they needed to make changes in their daily habits and diet. I decided to become their Yoga Health Coach. I began coaching them through the lifestyle changes to accelerate their personal wellness goals and hopes for a healthier future. And here is what happened: when I embraced this challenge of teaching my yoga students the daily habits that co-arise with the yogic path THEY LOVED IT! My students were astounded by how the simple, challenging changes were easier in a group. They loved being guided, together, into sync with deeper rhythms. They were surprised to experience more energy, groundedness and the feeling of falling in love with their life. And I thought, “Well, that wasn’t so hard”. As a yoga teacher, you can help your students so much more by learning Yoga Health Coaching.

You can become a Yoga Health Coach. You will get the training and practice you need to help your students take up the daily habits of yoga. You will become a wellness provider. You will accelerate your student’s journey into vibrant wellness. In doing so, you become a magnet for your students wellness journey and differentiate your skills as a yoga teacher.

The Key Benefits to Yoga Health Coaching:

  1. Help your students accelerate their wellness path.
  2. Open an additional income stream in your yoga career.
  3. Receive support and guidance to deepen your own body thrive journey.
  4. Learn how to niche market your Yoga Health Coaching skills.
  5. Opportunity to become certified as a Yoga Health Coach and receive ongoing training and support.

Become a certified Yoga Health Coach during the training, which will give you supervision throughout the process and confidence in growing your skill set. Yoga Health Coaching is designed to bridge the off-the-mat practices of yoga into yoga studios or online courses. I train groups of yoga teachers, who have already studied some Ayurveda, or are currently enrolled in the Living Ayurveda Course to become Yoga Health Coaches. You learn how to systematically teach the body and lifestyle habits that accelerate a yoga student on their vibrant health path.

When A Yoga Teachers Becomes A Yoga Health Coach:

  • DSC001781-300x225You Accelerate the health evolution of yourself, your students, and clients
  • You become a Wellness Provider
  • You give structure to your public class curriculum.
  • You customize a signature system to yoga career business model
  • Subtly teach a plant-centric diet through your yoga classes and in your households

Are You Eligible to become a Yoga Health Coach?

  • You must be a certified Yoga teacher and have the equivalent of RYT-200.
  • You much have interest in learning Ayurveda. Those who have studied Ayurveda make a perfect fit, but it's not a requirement.

Yoga Teachers Career Coaching

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and online yoga entrepreneur, Cate found that many yoga teachers who had great health habits weren't transferring the depth of their wisdom to their students off the mat. As a a result, yoga teachers and their students hit plateaus all too frequently.

Yoga Health Coaching is a business course and a health habits coaching program uniquely designed for yoga teachers (and other wellness providers) to:After an application and interview process, you may quality to enter the 1 year training.The entire year long training is supported with a 12 month access pass to the Yogahealer Business Course.|

To Watch the Yoga Health Coaching Webinar – click here

What is Yoga Health Coaching?

Yoga Health Coaching (YHC) is a coaching program Cate Stillman designed to bridge the off-the-mat practices of yoga into yoga studios. Cate trains groups of yoga teachers to become Yoga Health Coaches to systematically teacmarc holzmanh the body and daily habits that accelerate a yoga student on their vibrant health path. It's a career and business training, specifically for yoga teachers, with a built in pilot program for you to execute with your students.  You receive:

  • The basics of the daily habits based on Ayurveda
  • How to coach lessons the daily habits for health evolution with Cate Stillman
  • Lesson plans, PDF's, handouts, + audios to use with your students
  • An Online and Offline business model to ensure you increase your income
  • Business training, including website coaching, lead optimization, and how to build a following to support your yoga career

Apply Here to be a Certified Yoga Health Coach


Cate Stillman
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Welcome to We’re all about vibrant health evolution, both personal + planetary. Let’s step deeper into dharma and an awake life together. Start with your Yoga Lifestyle Upgrade Kit + Upgrade your body, your dharma + your life.

  • Tom Melony
    Posted at 09:56h, 02 December

    How bad i miss that course. are information about other courses?

  • Sonia Welch
    Posted at 09:41h, 26 December

    Hi Cate,

    I am interested in your Yoga Lifestyle Coaching. I have taken my BA (Hons) Ayurvedic Studies in London and correspondence Ayurvedic Nutrition with Atreya and my Ayurveda Therapist training with AyurvedaPura in London. I have also taken two 200 hour Yoga teacher training. I currently teach yoga full time, teach introduction to Ayurveda workshops and offer Ayurveda therapy within a treatment room. I am looking for further training in Ayurveda, particularly in the hands on, home remedies, cooking, recipes and helping my clients and students even more with Ayurveda. Would this course be for me or is there other training that you offer that would be more suited? Thank you very much for your time

    Best wishes,


  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 17:25h, 31 December

    Sonia, Let’s get in touch.


  • Amanda Kelly
    Posted at 22:35h, 16 January

    Hi Cate- I am an RYT 200 ..I have been looking for the right coaching program for me and was interested in hearing more about yours- do you know when the next one will begin?? Thanks! Amanda

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 04:42h, 28 January

    Amanda –
    Please check out and we’ll go from there.

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