Yogahealer Holiday Best of Blog + Podcast

Yogahealer Holiday Best of Blog + Podcast

IMG_4725Years ago, Winston and I made a habit of escaping the off-season in Driggs, Idaho by designing our schedules to have a huge break from Thanksgiving until Christmas. We soon found we didn't want to come “home” for the holidays”. In fact, we wanted to live outside of consumer culture. We moved to Mexico 1/2 time, in part to explore living outside of the culture we grew up with, and to define our lives and our family's values on our own terms.

While my blog posts are usually quite helpful and official I've been hiding my life and my family from this blog and this business. Yet, this blog and this business supports my family, and I think of this community at as my global family. So, why not give you readers + listeners a dose of the inside scoop.

I've mixed this posts with photos from yesterday – a day in a beach town 20 minutes from where we live in Mexico. Before you get the idea that I work a 4 hour work week and paddle surf every day, allow me clarify. I work. I work a lot. I'm not afraid of work, in fact I love serving our global community. I love the connection, the inspiration and the action that comes of it. I could simplify my career to working 20 hours a week and making a living I never dreamed of, but I don't. I work more like a 35-40 hour work week. I have an almost 7 year old who I love to spend time with. We are into duct tape crafting holiday gifts this month. I'm going to show you pics at the beach yesterday, just to share a bit of the joy we get living in Mexico half the year.

(p.s. I'm a bit of a dork. I'm one of those more intellectual cool dorks who pretends to be hip. The pic in the googles with the flourescent swim gear is an accurate portrayal of my swim fashion. I'd rather not get hit by a boat or a paddle boarder, so I make myself a bit more obvious than I'd otherwise prefer. those googles, by the way, are Finis. They rock.)

I have written a few articles and had a number of podcasts on designing your own holidays. And while my kid wishes we had more Santa and consumerism in our holidays I'd rather take her on a women's micro-finance tour in Oaxaca and help her invest in art, craft, and heritage. We define our our traditions. We create our own culture. Here are my favorite holiday posts to inspire your best holiday season.

Here are my favorites:

A Yogi’s Best Holiday Podcast Episodes

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  2. How to teach children about Giving and Receiving
  3. Snot Free Kids: Teaching kids basic bodycare skills from AyurvedaCate going for a swim
  4. Winter Solstice Rituals for Yogis + Yoga Teachers
  5. The Yoga of Holiday Spending
  6. Vaccines, Flu-Shots + Your Choice

A Yogi’s Best Holiday Blog Posts

  2. Ayurveda Guidelines for Winter
  3. How to Prevent a Cold
  4. Teach your kids neti pot
  5. Plan Your Winter Solstice
  6. Do you invest or spend during December?



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