Always Be eXperimenting. (ABX)

Always Be eXperimenting. (ABX)

The body experiments.

The body loves experiments. The body evolves via experimentation, feedback, learning, integration, experimentation feedback, learning, integration… ad infinitum.

ABX – Always be Experimenting – is a principal of nature, a basic premise of Ayurvedic philosophy (see prajna paradha – or failure to ABX – as a root cause of disease). Lately, Silicon Valley’s biz gurus and hackers illuminate the power of ABX via lean start up methodology, productivity hacking and bio hacking. (See Think big, test small, fail fast, learn always.)

In children and smart adults experimentation looks like play. With good play you’re engaged. You break a sweat. And you enjoy (in-joy) yourself.

You are a super smart monkey, and monkeys both young and old, like to monkey around.

You are constantly running small experiments in your body. Start to see everything you are doing as running an experiment that is giving you solid, instantaneous feedback.

For example, if you carry an extra 13 pounds – what experiments do you run regularly to pack on the extra mass?

Or you’re chronically tired – what experiments have you been running for a long time that help you maintain this condition?

Or if you’re lonely and uninspired – what experiments have you been running for a spell that maintain this emotional status quo?

ABX is my language for simplifying this principle: the human being, and nature as such, evolves via daily experiments.

Both Ayurveda + the Silicon Valley lean start-up philosophy emphasize the “Learn Always.” Failure to learn today leads to disease tomorrow.

(Again, see prajna paradha – or failure to ABX – as a root cause of disease.)

Integration of learning into next action leads to thrive. To wellness evolution which is the basis of personal evolution. To our collective evolution.

You and me and the cosmos- we’re designed to thrive. 

“Learn Always” is the hard part. For me it’s a slow process. Learn always means you adjust your behavior based on your last experiment and the results you are after.

If you get the results you wanted, you run a more refined experiment for an even better result or an entirely new experiment based on another result you also want. It doesn’t mean you fail, and you learn, but you don’t change. That isn’t learning. That is slowly becoming a stupider monkey. And stupider isn’t even a word.

I attempt to apply ABX to all aspects of growth in life. Spirit loves to experiment with body and mind.

Attunement = atonement.

Seasonal attunement is a big trick up the sleeve of radiant longevity as taught by the yogis. You get to atone for the lack of “learn always” that’s been happening lately. We catch ourselves up and have a great leap forward. Take advantage of the winds of change – and you’ll find you can accelerate and deepen your own evolution. 

The winds of change are high in the shift between summer and winter (northern hemisphere now) and winter and summer (summer hemisphere now). You can feel this in your body and mind right now. Your palette is shifting. Your agni (digestive fire) is shifting.

I learned ABX from the Yogidetox.

Every six months I ease into the next big experiment.

My body is atoning with better experiments. I’m craving… and I mean craving… wild green weed water. I’m desiring and consuming a gallon a day. I powdered thistle, chickweed, dandelion, wild mint, and lambs quarter from the yard. Dried it in the dehydrator. Powdered it in the vitamix. Stored it in a dark glass jar. I add a 1/2 tsp per quart of room temperature water – making a super alkalizing nutrient green water.

Always be Experimenting

Experimenting is so easy… so natural. And so flipping low key.

When we make a shift in our own home we uplevel the habits in our home. We uplevel the vibration… and… drum roll… equally important… we uplevel the momentum.

Peaks that gain momentum enable you to gain traction into who you want to become next.

Always be experimenting. I can think of no easier way than an at-home retreat during the change of seasons.

How to Run a Small Experiment

What do you want to experience next in your body?
Write that down.
Now, what is a small experiment you can run today or at the very latest tomorrow? Write that down.
Now get after it.


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