Food is not the savior

Food is not the savior

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Today we talk about food. How it is important, but it may lead to neurosis to place all our bets on food to be our Savior. Or a technique to save us. Or a certain yoga tradition. These things may help create the context for us to…to what? To experience Grace in the Space of our lives, perhaps. To find the trust that can begin to happen when we, as one participant shares, “allow…Life to happen.” We hear from participants of the Healthier Hormones course who have done this course for two years, and how it works in their lives. We talk about the value of environment, and how it can do some of our work for us if we give some attention to what flavor is created by it.

HH ad box copyIn this conversation Dr. Claudia Welch and I  I talk about:

Story of God showing Moses his backside….

-Fear diet vs. connection diet

• Empowering your Sensitive

• Breaking the cycle of disconnect…

What we mention in this Episode:      

Clutter vs. harmony

• Creating a healing space to do the work for you…

• Discipline and Freedom

Links from the Conversation:

• Durga Leela:

About Cate + Claudia:

Cate and Dr. C founded the Healthier Hormones program in 2012 to support women who want to know more about Ayurveda. These conversations have evolved into a global community of women who dig ayurveda and yoga… and want the support of connectivity conversation.

Cate's Favorite Quotes from the Conversation

“Food is not the savior. We're desperate that savior. And we're trying to make food, yoga, and philosophy that savior…”

“Our job as parents is to be the prefrontal cortex for our kids.”

“Thought creates biology. As we become sensitive “

“Choosing to live life with awareness or not. Living in harmony -does it work or not.”learn more

How my biology is being affected….

“I'm learning to allow my life to happen. I'm not driving it with my will.”

 “It became less about practicing Ayurveda, and more about relaxing into the experience.”

 “I think of you guys as guardian angels sitting on my shoulder.” Jennie Cramer

“What is enjoyable about the space that opens up?”

“Learning not to feel guilty around what you need.”

“Honoring… and allowing my life to happen… and grace in the space.”

“Having the courage to do nothing when nothing is called for.”

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