What I Learned from my Face Blowing Up

What I Learned from my Face Blowing Up

guest post by MaYoga founder, Jessica Jennings 


Well, I can barely see because the swelling has fully moved more around my eyes but that’s ok, because your email reminded me that it’s the vata that we have to go to first.

It’s the vata imbalance that’s going to make you freak out about the thing, but it’s what’s bringing the thing to the surface, and you have to deal with the vata before you can actually get a good objective look at the thing.

It’s the vata imbalance that’s going to make you forget all your practices like oil pulling, and throw meditation out the window, and get really cold and anxious so you don’t prepare your meals for the day, so it all seems so much worse.

It’s the vata imbalance that happens when you screw with your body.  I did what you (Cate) did with your colonoscopy.  I knew this was not the right time in my cycle.  Why do I have to make every mistake in order to learn it?

Anyway, now I know – anything invasive happens near the ovulation (I’m still menstruating with the full moon but I’m going to do the baths starting in Dec) and I always give myself 1-2 weeks rest-time after anything intense to recover.

Thank you for your teachings!  They continue to guide me through my days.


The Evolve Project runs Dec. 1 – Jan. 1 for 500 families
looking to balance the Vata energy of early winter and thrive.
We hope your family will invest in what matters most.


Cate Stillman
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