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Tap into the Power of Mentoring

Today's show is all about mentoring, mentoring relationship is a lot of what we use in Yogahealer, so you're going to have an earful about mentoring with me, some of the Yoga Health Coaching Mentors, Annie Barrett and Alex Biondo. I rap with Yoga Health Coaching Mentors about Mentoring What you’ll get out of tuning in Aloe: Wicked Tip from the Witch on a Mountain Bike What Mentorship can reflect back to you Are All Managers or Teachers, Mentors? Better Relationships, Better Connectivity Who Do I wanna mentor and Who do you wanna be mentored by? Amy Eldredge Question...

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The Yoga of Investing in Yourself: Cate’s Take on breaking plateaus through skillful personal investment

“What do I need to know, How do I need to ask, and How do I out myself?”  Grace Edison mentioned rhetorically in conversation with me on skillful personal investment. She is getting serious about investing in herself. She wanted to find out what she didn’t know about the next level of personal investment. Though I’ve done way better than most of my friends, in my cavalier opinion, I’ve only recently got experienced a real shift. I’m still maxing out my SEP IRA and expanding in real estate. But i’m...

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Meditate with a Partner

You may have heard that meditation will help your relationship. Meditation makes you more present, more aware, more curious, more efficient, more available, more resilient, more skillfully communicative, flexible in how you show up and respond, more empathic (aka “nicer to hang with), smarter, more intuitive, less afraid, and more ethical. (For research see here.) Obviously, any one of those side benefits to meditation would drastically improve your relationship with yourself first, and with your partner second. But, know that when you become a meditator, all of these side benefits will...

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Yoga Teaching Through Instagram with Robin Martin

Yoga Teacher Robin Martin has over 200,000 followers on Instagram tracking her practice, her progress, and her teaching. We review her journey from yoga student to mom to acro yogi to yoga teacher to instragram yogalebrity. Her medium is photography. She reveals how she grew her audience and how she's turning Instagram into a teaching platform. Who knew? I rap with Robin Martin about using Instagram as a platform for teaching yoga - Why she started posting - How she takes her pics - What she feeds her kids What else you’ll get out of tuning...

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Working online vs. in person in your wellness career with Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook

If you’re a breathing human in 2016 you’ve heard the reel that you can make a million online. And this is true. I know from personal experience. It’s just that it’s a little complicated. Were here to have this conversation. What can online do for you? What can offline do for you? Let’s find out These are the meaty question I discuss with my sister wellness career coaches, Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook. Why you want to tune in: Decipher the benefits of being online for YOU Decipher the most streamlines, least complicated approach...

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Make your life happen

When Alex Biondo came to work for me at, she was "letting life happen to her instead of making her life happen." She had been in a career that didn't fulfill her. She was carrying extra weight. She was feeling aches and pains for the first time in her life, in the form of intense back pain. She was self-soothing with an evening wine habit. When I hired Alex in January 2015 I knew she had some serious work ahead of her to be "on brand". I connected with her spirit, as...

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Ayurveda-matrika – SEO

I wanted to share with all y'all this note from an old friend (who wants so remain anonymous to keep her saweet job teaching Ayurveda to Yogis). This stuff is too good to make up - I've edited nothing but her name and employer: Cate: I want to take your courses, your one-on-one -- whatever...

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Coffee & Kimchi

Dear fans and rebels: Admist gads of requests for the free well-th to wealth workshop), I've had a few emails and FB posts about chocolate and coffee this week. Not surprising as we're hitting the first signs of kapha season. The depth of winter stimulates a deeper agni, and the body desires stimulants for blasting open the pranic channels. So, yes, indeedy, that means if you get bitter and pungent through chocolate and coffee,then you may suddenly have deeper desire and appreciation for your substances. The tastes right now to make sure...

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Well-th into Wealth- Free Workshop!

Thanks rebels for the huge response to the free workshop. Every line was taken. For those who missed it the workshop gives you the following tools: Connect with the current of your dharma in 2011 Open new doorways to serve your community Create a unique offering (you'll even sketch a flyer) out of the ethers as an expression of your potential Before you dive in, you need: a quiet hour, at your most intuitive time of day (don't do this while driving or exercising - it won't work) colorful pens and a few sheets...

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3 tips for Ayurvedic Practitioners in 2011

Being an Ayurvedic Pracitioner in many ways is getting easier. 10 years ago most gyms didn't have a decent yoga program. Most people now can recognize triangle pose a mile away. This shift into yoga has paved the way for us Ayurvedic Practitioners.  Our neighbors are discovering their interioirty... their inner body... their subtle physiology. Our hospitals have mind-body stress release programs. Our communities are starting to wake up  and look around for who is producing food locally. Over the past few years, my husband and I have had a few dinner table conversations about who thrives and who struggles. We've noticed a few industry trends. My career in  yoga and ayurveda became full time when I was 27. Now I'm 37 and I'm very interested in supporting Ayurvedic Practitioners and yoga teachers in reaching deeper into their communities. To do so, though, we might need an additional skillset to our healing and preventive medicine skills. This new skill set requires creativity, connection, communication, marketing, and basic online and offline business skills. We need a head for business. I never studied business before I went into business.  I went to a liberal arts college and the closest I could come to a business class was Economics. That's not close. We need to study business and marketing and the new economy as if it were the 8th chakra. Here are my 3 tips for Ayurvedic Practitioners in 2011
  1. STOP USING SANSKRIT. Most people don't care about Sanskrit. Most folks would rather figure optimize their iPhone than optimize their bowel movements. They have no idea how the sanskrit language can open the subtle channels of their inner body. And because they don't know... they don't care. So if you want to attract these "most people" into your amazing healing work so they don't have to pop pills every time something goes awry, you need to speak to the hearts and needs of the people you can help. When I stopped offering "Ayurvedic Cleanses" to my locals and started offering "Detox Courses" my numbers doubled.  I only use sanskrit when I teach Yogis... because sanskrit for Yogis is like dark chocolate for women. This means in smaller communities, using words like "Ayurveda" to describe what you do might create more confusion than clarification.
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