FREE Inner Reset Workshop with Cate (Part 2)

FREE Inner Reset Workshop with Cate (Part 2)

A few days ago I posted about the “Be Honest With Your Bad Self”  Assessment

Today we’re moving onto Part 2. If you missed Part 1, check it out here. 

As I mentioned in part 1, there is an energy shift that happens with the change in seasons. Envision March. What does it feel like? In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer, people are starting to venture outside more and make plans for the summer. They are getting more active, the trees are budding. Life is waking up. Right now, it’s September. The opposite is beginning to happen. The leaves are starting to change color, the days are visibly shorter, and the kids are back in school… all of that carries an energy that triggers our deep intuitive wisdom into shifting mode.

Shifting. Resetting. Surrendering to the flow… whatever you want to call it. When we connect to that deep intuitive wisdom, we release opposing forces and are able to fall into the flow of the natural rhythms of life. As Kate O’Donnell says, “everything around us takes on its natural hue, and you become overcome by the beauty of it.” Our bodies know how and when to hit the reset button. When we reset our bodies, everything gets easier, including ingrained mental patterns. Our mind begins to surrender to the intuitive wisdom of the body, and food becomes medicine. We are able to stay in a balanced state, keeping us energized and healthy.

Today I’m inviting you to my free Inner Reset Online Workshop, so you can tap into your intuitive wisdom, as it’s showing up right now in your life, to steer you into your next personal evolution. If you want to integrate your intuition to lead your day to day habits – you should come to my free online workshop. This live workshop is ONLY for those who take the “Be Honest With Your Bad Self” assessment and say to themselves… “this is me”.

On September 19th, I’ll help you identify where the easiest and biggest breakthroughs in your body, your energy, your focus, your time, and your sleep reside. If we can find the area for the easiest breakthrough, we can make quick progress on feeling amazing.

Go ahead and set aside that time in your calendar. I’ll lead a 50 minute workshop, and stay online for a 20 minute Q+A for after. If you can’t make it live, schedule the time to watch on Sept. 20. You’ll want to finish this workshop all the way to the end, because it will really make a difference in how you step into your next level of personal habit integrity, and rejuvenating your life.

All my course members say that being live for my workshops makes all the difference. So register, and add it to your calendar now, even if you don’t think you can make it. (It’s that useful.)

In a few days I’ll post Part 3, where I’ll show you where your easiest breakthroughs are in:

  1. Focus
  2. Energy
  3. Sleep
  4. Nourishment
  5. Fitness

In case you missed it, here are the important dates for the October 2019 Yogidetox:
October 9- 15: Slow down and ease into your deeper intuition.
October 16-22: Receive from within what is part of your future.
October 23-30: Deepen your realignment and rejuvenation.

Cate Stillman
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