Honesty + Your Intuitive Reset (Part 3)

Honesty + Your Intuitive Reset (Part 3)

If you missed it, be sure to check out the first two parts of this series:

I’m releasing this series to help you find where the easiest, most natural breakthroughs are for you in the next month– from your focus, your energy and your sleep, to fitness and nourishment.

Today I’m going to explain exactly how I find the quickest and easiest wins to align my future designs to my current habits, so you can awaken your intuition – what I call Intuition Integration.

I read literally hundreds of the Be Honest With Your Bad Self Assessments. I ranked the key categories where self healers feel out of integrity with themselves:

  1. Focus
  2. Sleep
  3. Energy
  4. Nourishment
  5. Fitness

In truth, the focus issue dominates all the other ways we get out of integrity, out of deep honesty with ourselves. At that point it gets easy to make decisions in the moment that turn into trouble down the road. This showed up in our assessment as: You are quite clever at good excuses for poor personal choices.

The biggest issues from our Assessment were:

  1. When you break from work or end your day you wish you had a sense of accomplishment.
  2. You wonder about that roll around your middle. Is it a lifer?
  3. You are smart enough to know what you SHOULD do, but not clever enough to have those habits automated.
  4. You wonder, “Why do I hand my evening over to Netflix?”
  5. Your evening glass of wine/beer/cocktail or smoke is the day’s crown jewel.

Take Jane, who emailed me after her assessment. She is a working grandma, very involved with her family. Successful on paper – Jane runs her own small business and has good investments and loves her work and her friends. Jane doesn’t take any pharmaceuticals, unlike many of her friends. Yet, as she said to me in her email:

“Cate, I’m struggling with weight and wine. I still work hard, and reward myself throughout the day with nibbles, and at the end of the day with wine. I’ve tried to stop these habits… but I can’t seem to change.”

“I can’t seem to change.”

Ask yourself, which of these five categories can you not seem to change?

  1. My Focus
  2. My Sleep
  3. My Energy
  4. My Nourishment
  5. My Fitness

Think of the efforts you’ve made in the past. For some reason this category is sticky for you. And yet, this is where the biggest long term breakthroughs reside.

I’m going to share with you, as I shared with Jane, one of my key teachings (which I unpack in the Inner Reset Workshop). This teaching was ingrained in me from Sally Kempton, a brilliant meditation teacher I had the honor of studying intensely with when pregnant with Indigo 12 years ago!

Sally was teaching us the Shiva Sutras, a tantrik text attributed to the sage, Vasugupta, of the 9th century C.E. Those of you who have studied ancient texts know that you need a guide to crack the code. A key code is “Follow the Shakti”.

What this means is follow your deepest desires. Your deepest desires come from the formless into form as a feeling, an urgency, a potential evolution. Your job, as an awake human, is to follow that energy.

Later, when I studied Integral Enlightenment with Craig Hamilton, he gave the same teaching, from well outside the yogic lineage. Craig taught how to presence the Evolutionary Impulse. That is another term for “the Shakti”.

I don’t care what you call it. I care that you learn to listen to your own impulse to evolve. I care that you become honest with what you need to do to empower that voice within you.

We are living in interesting times. For our mind, we are living in dangerous times. The experts I’ve interviewed this year (Digital Anthropologist: Brian Solis of Lifescale; Rod Stryker: Modern Yogi of Para Yoga; Richard Boyatzis: Academic author of Helping People Change) all are saying the same thing. Our digital devices generate inflammation, and wreak havoc on our nervous system and then wreck our immune system.

In losing our ability to focus, we are losing our ability to Follow the Shakti – to follow our own impulses, our own intuition to evolve.

The question becomes how will you lead your life?

Will you follow the shakti?

Will you develop that relationship with your intuition?

Will you step into intuition integrity?

Will you become honest with yourself right now?

My hint to you:
Realize that following your intuition, which hears the subtle voice of your deepest desires, is a SKILL. It’s not something you have or don’t have. We all can hear the voice of the evolutionary impulse. We don’t all practice the skill of following it.

To reconnect your neuro-wiring, to hear the voice that steps down from the formless through your intuition into your thoughts, you need to practice.

In my ongoing practice (like yoga or meditation is an ongoing practice) of following the shakti I’ve learned a few things. First, it’s true. There is a truth to the energy that, if you listen closely, never steers you in the wrong direction. Second, I’ve learned that the impulse to evolve will stretch me to become a greater version of myself. While that sounds glorious, it always means some sort of ego-death, as less functional parts of myself become highlighted and ready to grapple with head on.

Third, for this grappling, support is most often the difference between the success of following the shakti, and the failure of getting distracted by convenience. Part of the skill, therefore, of awakening your life to be steered by intuition, and to have breakthroughs in:

  • My Focus
  • My Sleep
  • My Energy
  • My Nourishment
  • My Fitness

… is to get the support in place to have a breakthrough.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these three experiences of honesty, inner reset and following the shakti – I know they’re going to make a huge difference in the way you see your day to day choices.

Now… if you want to truly have an Inner Reset, if you want to improve your skillfulness in following the shakti in your daily micro and macro choices, then make sure you check out the October Yogidetox. 

The Yogidetox is a guaranteed path to building the skill of living your life aligned. You’ll be guided into yourself, slowing down to the deeper inner conversation. You’ll be guided to listen and receive your own deepest desires. And you’ll be guided to align very small daily habits to that voice, to strengthen your experience and your integrity with your intuition. I call this Intuition Integration.

This will help you steer through the next season realigned, rejuvenated, and living from a deeper, slower, more true inner space.

If you’re interested in joining me for the October Yogidetox, sign up now! I’m offering a special early bird price until Sep 30 at midnight PT.

Thanks for joining me for the Assessment, for the Inner Reset Workshop, and for this lesson on following your heart and your body’s desires.

In case you missed them, here are the important dates for the October Yogidetox:
October 9- 15: Slow down and ease into your deeper intuition.
October 16-22: Receive from within what is part of your future
October 23-30: Deepen your realignment and rejuvenation.



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