Read your Body Like a Book (Part 2)

Read your Body Like a Book (Part 2)

Part 2:
Now that you know your letters (tongue, your skin, and your excretion more intimately) let's spell it out.

If your tongue is:

  • pink & clear. You rock. You're digesting food without waste accumulating in your gi tract. You scrape your tongue each morning to stimulate your digestion/elimination process and make sure you digested last night's dinner.
  • white and slimy. Uh, oh. Your intestines are coated with undigested food, which has become accumulated waste. Sign up for the YogiDetox now and learn about ultimate digestion absorption. Don't eat after 6 pm. Use your tongue scraper each morning. Yes, daily from now until you die.
  • cracked and dry.  Same as above, except your constitution is more dry than wet. Eat 3 meals a day. Don't eat after 6 pm. Add oil to your foods.
  • sea-shell scalloped around the perimeter. Uh, oh. You're not absorbing all that organic farmer's market loveliness you're been investing in. Darn.
    Follow the above advice and start taking 1/2 tsp. fennel powder in warm water before meals. Yummy.
  • jumpy and neurotic. Uh, oh. Your nerves are a little amped up which accelerates the wear and tear on your immune system. Cut out the coffee or meth unless you don't want optimal shakti.

If your Excretion is:

  • like clockwork – within an hour of arising. Complete, like a ripe brown banana. You rock.
  • nothing to be proud of. Inconsistent. Difficult. Stubborn to let go. Buy my Colon Cleanse. Coming online soon. In the meanwhile, start juicing green vegetables, beets and cucumbers for breakfast. That should do the trick. Also, add more oil  and more living foods to your diet in general. Eat foods with a higher water content (which is not chips, rice cakes or grains in general).
  • loose and frequent. Check out Elim 2
  • sporadic – all of the above depending on the day. Eat regularly – at the same times each day 8 am, noon, 5-6 pm. Drink 2 cups of hot water upon arising.

If your skin is:

  • like a baby's bottom. You rub oil on yourself daily before bathing/showering. You feel so comfortable inside your skin and your skin glows with your inner light. You rock.
  • way too old for someone so young. Follow the directions above, or click here for more info on the old school method of self-massage. Use sesame oil if it's not too hot where you are. Otherwise use coconut oil.

If your mirror-gazing reflects:

  • a peaceful warrior, on the path of making the world a better place from a strong and centered self-care regimen. You rock. keep it up.
  • a tired, unkempt, dried out, circles-under-the-eyes old friend. Go back to the skin section and try out the oil massage. You'll look and feel great in just a few minutes. I promise. Also, a huge tip is meditate before bed in Autumn. You'll rest more soundly and wake up with the energy of the universe unfolding through you. Go to bed by 10 pm.

If you're into it – Next time: We'll get into some of the deeper realizations about all of this.

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