Wellness Experts + Experts to be… are you doing this?

Wellness Experts + Experts to be… are you doing this?

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Dear Friend,

I want to tell you about one of my dearest friends.

I have a long-time girlfriend who thinks she wants to build her own Signature Program. Her name is Denise, and she’s been a guest on my podcast. Denise has been a holistic practitioner for 20+ years. She’s been heavily trained and worked as a massage therapist, doula, Non-Violent Communicator, yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Ayurvedic counselor, Mindfulness teacher, meditation teacher and Love + Logic teacher. She has also taught permaculture classes and leads retreats of various sorts. Better Parenting Yoga Mindfulness

Denise asked me if she should join my Yoga Health Coaching Certification. I told her, “No you can’t.” She doesn’t need another training in anything except birthing her own Signature Wellness Program.

Her Signature Program will be unique to how she can help people. Denise is like many wellness experts or experts-to-be who have yetto design, deliver and sell their very own signature program. She has so much knowledge. She has so many arrows in her quiver. She doesn’t need any more arrows. She needs to arrange them in such a way to hit her target.

And what is the target of a wellness expert?

The target is simple. To help people get results in a speedy manner that uses the best of what you know. When you do this you’ll earn a lovely living.

For Denise, this means helping family connect and become super high functioning. Those are my words. She hasn’t discovered her words yet. That is part of the process in Building Your Signature Program. You find out, with your future clients in a co-creative experiment, exactly which word and which tools are the most effective to get results.

Let me tell you a little more about Denise. When Denise comes to visit me and my family, she listens deeply. She asks questions. Our conversations go in a much different direction when Denise is around. They cause me to reflect. They cause me to introspect. And I learn. I start to act more like Denise would act. My family relationships evolve. And it happens FAST. And without shame. And without guilt. And with more LOVE.

Who doesn’t need that?

Now, ask yourself: what would happen if Denise doesn’t birth her Signature Program into the world, and learn how to sell it?

When I consider this, I see how the divine grieves what could have been. Here is a woman with plenty of life force. With a gift earned from applied trainings. With a certain insight and way of working with people. With a heart set on helping others with what she deeply knows.

In my experience, Denise must learn how to build and deliver and sell her Signature Program. That is the only way she’ll be able to work at the depth of what she knows. That is the only way she’ll have the deepest fulfillment in her work.

I made an Infographic on How to Build Your Signature Wellness Program. Please share it with other wellness experts and wellness experts-to-be that you know!

Please share it with other wellness experts and wellness experts-to-be that you know!


Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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