Why I’m Detoxing Next

I hope that you’ve been following along and are naturally entering detox mode. If you're coming with us, it’s important to get clear on why you’re coming and what you want to experience. This will help your body shift into desiring detox—you’ll be ready to ease in for success. The Yogidetox starts tomorrow. If you’re coming with us, sign up now.   >> I detox twice a year no matter what. It’s on my schedule to lead this program—and thank goodness. In today’s final detox-inspired post of this series, I let you know...

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10 Ayurveda Tips for Intermittent Fasting

I feel like I’m single woman-ly driving SEO for Intermittent Fasting + Ayurveda. Which is cool. I’m digging intermittent fasting and this ongoing experiment I’m doing to increase my mental capacity. I’ve dropped a pant size but haven’t lost any muscle or strength, which is groovy. Not that the pant size matters—it’s more of the experience of deep cellular integrity and efficiency that I’m after. Because why not feel amazing, right? For those who are curious about all this, watch the video. [embed height="500" width="500"][/embed] And if you want to bring a friend for...

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Digestives, Apples, + One pot meals

We nursed an old apple tree back to life. When we moved to 507 N. Hwy 33 in Tetonia, ID we had a withered gnarly severely old dehydrated apple tree. We watered it for a few years before it sprouted leaves again. Then, a few years later it grew an apple. This year we harvested a few brimming bags. She is back! Anyone with an apple tree knows it provides an insane amount of fruit. Apple is high in pectin - which is a soothing bulk laxative. In Autumn, if you’re...

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Train your Eye to Spot Thrive

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on my love affair with chokecherries. Everywhere I turn I see superfoods. I feel hyper-nourished, and more than deeply abundant. It wasn’t always so with me. I used to look for my savior and salvation in an herbal concoction. I used to spend money on supplements. I can pick a pound of chokecherries in about 15 minutes. Most of my neighbors and friends here in the Tetons are surrounded by chokecherries and other superfoods that haven’t yet landed in the media as...

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Locavore approach to At Home Retreat

Each Autumn I press my reset button. When you get deeper into seasonal rhythms you notice there are junctures of time to empty your own bucket of whatever imbalances have accumulated since your last “empty the bucket period.” For me, the last empty the bucket period was in April. Now it's six months later. My body knows what time it is. My mind wants a timeout too. And my spirit is begging for more time on the cushion. You see time, and timing are everything. When we miss these windows of...

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Top 5 Yogidetox Podcast Episodes

Yogidetox is starting this October and our team has gathered our top 5 podcast episodes to help you get ready for the gobal detox which starts this October 12th. Listen and enjoy! #1: Detox for Hormone Balance with Bridgit Danner When we look back on our health histories we see peaks and valleys. Obviously a reflection of the laws of nature, our bodies in particular reflect the law of contrary compliments. In this week’s show you’ll hear women’s hormonal health collaborator, Bridgit Danner talk about her low of the lows. Postpartum hormonal imbalance. New marriage,...

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Our Top 5 Yogidetox Blog Posts of All Time

Autumn is finally here! And we would like to share to you this week our top 5 detox for fall. These will show you the WHY, HOW, WHEN and were hoping this will inspire you to join our Global Yogidetox  this coming October 12- Nov. 2. Here's our top 5 articles of all time. Enjoy. Interview With Cate On Juice Bar Detox 101 I was asked a bunch of questions by Sarah Murray, a student reporting on the juice bars of Chicago for HUBBUB blog. Here were my answers for "How long to juice...

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The Best Question for Emotional Detox with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta

Dr. Mary Jo is a pro on helping people detox. As mandated by her guru she created a line of subtle energetic potions to help people with emotional clearing as they release ama in detox. In today's show Dr. Mary Jo shares the important question for moving through the thick of deeper emotional detox and relationship evolution. You'll get a practical practice you can start today - notice how you tell your story to someone. This is pure gold - you'll get insight into the karma you are perpetuating. I rap with...

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5 of My Favorite Yogidetox Books

Twice a year since 2002, without fail, I lead a group cleanse, based on the seasonal wisdom of Ayurveda. Over the years I've amassed books on the topic of detox. Of the dozens of books I've read a few I use more than others. I've selected 5 that I'm recommending for my Yogidetoxers right now. Read below and I'll tell you why I've selected that book in particular.   1.  The Seasonal Detox Diet:  Remedies from the Ancient Cookfire If there is 1 resource I use with every Yogidetox, it's The Seasonal Detox Diet....

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