Grandmas and Grandpas who Cleanse

Grandmas and Grandpas who Cleanse

I see much potential in the health of our families and communities. The next logical conversation shifts our perspective from individual health to intergenerational family health. In an effort to broadcast the potential, I've interviewed some of my favorite grandmas and grandpas. All of these wonderful people see themselves as ordinary, not health freaks I assure you. But, I invite you to see the extraordinary potential in how their decisions have the potential to open a different conversation within their peer group and our communities. Please tweet and FB to your favorite elders.  (Thanks for the advice, Grandmas and Grandpas! I'll use your wisdom in my upcoming all-levels cleanse May 1-23).

From Cate's Mom: Kathy Stillman (pictured below with Nani, me, and Indy)

Having begun cleansing with Pancha Karma (traditional ayurvedic cleansing) 10 years ago, the choices now are so much easier on the mind and body.  Of course, if there ever comes a time when I have a serious problem and need to do a thorough cleanse – I'll do a Pancha Karma.

For now I'm really enjoying my “raw foods”, beginning with a smoothie in the morning and a salad at lunch time. What I have for dinner doesn't really seem to matter as I've been about ‘70%” good all day!

Before hip replacement surgery I couldn't believe how the inflammation in the joints and feet left the body and how good I felt going into surgery and afterwards.

Thank you Catie!!!!!!

With Melanie Sachs, Ayurveda Skin Care maven, co-owner of Diamond Way Ayurveda:

Tell me how many years you've been cleansing. Why do you cleanse? What do you get out of it?
Since I was introduced to macrobiotics by Michio Kushi in 1975 in one way or another.  I was just 21 then and had had asthma and eczema all my life until I started to work with my diet.  Rice, veggies and sea veggies and miso for a few months cleared my condition.  In the last few years I have done an annual spring polarity diet cleanse and home style pancha karma.  Each time I loose weight, get really clear and feel more flexible.  Aging gracefully is the goal.

What is one tip you have for grandmas who have never cleansed?

Be gentle with yourself.  Especially as we age the body is more prone to aggravated vata.  Fasts,  radical diets and cleanses can be too drastic.  Little and often is an effective approach.  Choose one day a week to be especially good to your, rest more, drink more water, enjoy exercise and eat very simply.  Work into a good cleanse gradually and be ready to feel a bit worse before you feel better.

Mike (Pops) Boran, has been seasonally cleansing cleansing for five years with Cate in Idaho.

My advice to other Grandpas is: GRIN and BEAR it, It's worth the effort. The benefits are worth the effort as not only does it help me  to lose weight and elminate joint pain, it increases my level of awareness in how  different foods and beverages enhance or detract from my overall well being. I am really at my best both mentally and physically after I complete the cleanse.

Thanks for introducing this mature dog to a new trick!

Mike Boran


From Laurie Greenberg, Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher in NH & Ayurvedic Living Course Grad:
I have been cleansing now for 4 years and the experience is more enlightening every year! It definitely is a process and if you are older, there is more to peel away from years of our cultural influences. It is, however, the best way to feel better, look better, have more energy and it is just plain fun! The knowledge gained through the experience puts one in such deep connection with the inner Self. When this connection is made, you reach out to others in a completely different way. There is deep connection to the essence of your being with the essence of others!

All from cleansing? Yes because it connects you with other ways to care for yourself. Be it Yoga, more exercise,meditation. The heart searches for ways to take care of this beautiful vehicle that you have been given to travel this journey of life!

Much love,


I hope you are inspired by my Mom, Laurie, Mike, and Melanie to do what you can to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit at any age. You will be an inspiration and role model for future generations.  Thanks for the advice, Grandmas and Grandpas! Others, be sure to comment on your tip for other grandmas and grandpas embarking on their journey.

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