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Grandmas and Grandpas who Cleanse

I see much potential in the health of our families and communities. The next logical conversation shifts our perspective from individual health to intergenerational family health. In an effort to broadcast the potential, I've interviewed some of my favorite grandmas and grandpas. All of these wonderful people see themselves as ordinary, not health freaks I assure you. But, I invite you to see the extraordinary potential in how their decisions have the potential to open a different conversation within their peer group and our communities. Please tweet and FB to...

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6 tips for the thick of Winter

Before the heavy slow energy of winter sucks you into the black hole of lethargy wake up and move for 20 minutes upon arising. If you tend to get chunky in winter, don’t wander too far into grain land. Use spirulina for protein. Have a broth-based soup for dinner with flax crackers. Switch your oatmeal to chia seed porridge. Make your waffles out of buckwheat and millet, soaked overnight. This is a great season to be gluten-free. Incorporate 10% more living foods than you did last week. Drink a...

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