Ama and Dharma

Ama and Dharma

Much has been written in the last decade about diet and depression. This connection seems obvious to anyone who has ever radically shifted their diet and experienced a whole new way of being. Often in cleanse courses I teach many people awaken to the same realization – when they simply cleanse or liquid fast for a few days they awaken to their inherent inner joy. Better than dark chocolate. No really.

This connection is the basis of Ayurvedic philosophy – that the gunas or energetic qualities of what goes in the pie hole  becomes the person – both physically, but also energetically. Obviously, if you eat more than your digestion can digest, the excess is stored somewhere. If you eat more than your  digestion can digest as a regular means of making it through the day, then the excess is stored everywhere. The more awake you are to an assumption or an experience that you are indeed light and matter, the more un-clarity there is in the energetics of what or how you are eating, the more cloudiness in your emotional being. Simply put, you'll forget your inherent inner joy (ananda).   The clip gets into this more.

Obviously again, this isn't just about overeating.  The un-clarity that veils your innermost nature is as easily disrupted by not living according to your constitution, the season, etc. If you have acidic tendencies and enjoy coffee, chocolate and a beer regularly, other may suffer the self-imposed squelching of your inner light.

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